Christmas Stocking Ideas

For Kids

The Best

Looking for fun Christmas stocking ideas for kids? We’ve compiled this great gift guide so you can find the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for the Christmas season.

1. Christmas Candy Dispensers From the company who turned candy dispensers into collectibles, these Christmas-themed Pez dispensers are a tasty stocking stuffer.

2. Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy Give the gift of a Christmas giggle with this sweet treat, a bag of reindeer farts! They taste like peppermint cotton candy, but don’t tell them that, see who is brave enough to find out on their own!.

3. Flying Parachute Men Flying parachute men are big fun in a little package. Simply fold the parachute and send him on his way. Using a single piece of nylon to attach the parachute to the jumper helps keep it tangle-free.

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