Best Things to Do in Putrajaya: Day Trip Itinerary

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Putrajaya bridge lit up in the early morning

Are you looking for things to do in Putrajaya? You’ve come to the right place as we are sharing our favorite things to do in Putrajaya in this blog post.

Putrajaya is one of Malaysia’s city gems located south of Kuala Lumpur. While it’s not as famous as other tourist destinations like Kuala Lumpur or Melaka, you’d be surprised to find out that there are plenty of interesting things to do in Putrajaya. From cruising the beautiful man-made Putrajaya Lake to enjoying the natural wildlife at Putrajaya Wetlands Park, the city has many attractive gems left for its visitors to explore.

Located just a 45 minute drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is a great place to visit for a day trip or a weekend getaway. We’ve made the trip three times in the last year and have enjoyed it each and every time. 

Our Putrajaya day trip from Kuala Lumpur itinerary will give you wonderful insights about the city of Putrajaya. Discover the city’s brief history, what makes it worth visiting, and the best things to do in Putrajaya with your family.

Cruise dock at Lake Putrajaya with Putra Mosque view

A Glimpse in History: Why is it Named Putrajaya?

Putrajaya came from Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, who was known as the founding father of Malaysia. Breaking down the name further, “Putra” translates to “prince” or “male child” in Malay, while the word “Jaya” means “success.” So, if you translate the word “Putrajaya,” it means victorious men or victorious people.

Putrajaya was declared one of the federal territories in Malaysia in 2001. It is often referred to as the “other” capital of the country. The planned city of Putrajaya houses some Malaysian government offices, including the current Prime Minister’s office.

Kuala Lumpur was the first appointed administrative and financial capital of Malaysia. However, because of the increasing traffic in Kuala Lumpur and the rise of tourist visits, KL found it difficult to perform administrative tasks. This led to the development of Putrajaya in 1995 so Malaysia could have an effective administrative hub for its government offices. In 1999, they moved the prime minister’s office to Putrajaya, while the Federal Court and the second royal palace followed.

While Kuala Lumpur is still the National Capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya is considered the administrative capital.

Where is Putrajaya?

Malaysia’s green city, Putrajaya, is about 15 miles (25 km) south of Kuala Lumpur, with a driving distance of 21.7 miles (35km). If you’re going on a day trip to Putrajaya from KL, it can take 30 to 45 minutes to get there, depending on the traffic conditions and mode of transportation.

How to Get To Putrajaya From KL?

There are several ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya and vice versa:

  • Hire a private driver: If you want to travel by car, you can drive or hire a private driver to go to Putrajaya. You can also use ride-hailing services like a taxi or book a GrabCar for convenience. The fare from KLCC to Putrajaya can cost RM 27.2 to RM 60.5, depending on what Grab service you choose: JustGrab or GrabCar 6-seater.

TIP: Click here to read our ultimate guide to using Grab in Kuala Lumpur

  • Take the KLIA Ekspres train: The fastest way to reach Putrajaya from KL is to take the KLIA Ekspres Train at KL Sentral and alight at the Putrajaya & Cyberjaya station. This is also the cheapest way to get to Putrajaya for RM 14.00, with the travel time only taking 19 minutes.
Putra Mosque in Putrajaya by night time

Why Visit Putrajaya?

Why should you visit Putrajaya? For starters, Putrajaya is Kuala Lumpur’s stylish next-door neighbor, boasting aesthetically pleasing landscapes and architecture. Just a stone’s throw away, this well-planned administrative city offers a seamless escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

It’s easily accessible, making it the perfect detour for those wanting a change of scenery without traveling too long or far. Putrajaya’s allure comes with its interesting history and striking modern structures that tell its own story, providing tourists with a refreshing break from the city.

Whether you’re a local looking for a quick getaway or a traveler seeking a day trip from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya’s accessibility plus the fact that there are so many things to do in Putrajaya makes for one of the best destinations.

People on a cruise tour at Lake Putrajaya

When is the Best Time to Visit Putrajaya?

The best time to visit Putrajaya is during April to August if you’re in the mood for summer activities. These are also the hottest and busiest months of the year, so be prepared for some heat and crowd.

If you want to catch Putrajaya’s biggest annual festivals, the Royal Floria Putrajaya 2023 happens between late August and early September, while Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta takes place in March.

The Best Things to Do in Putrajaya

Make your family day trip memorable and filled with excitement with our list of fun activities in Putrajaya!

Go on a relaxing cruise at Lake Putrajaya

Topping off the list of things to do in Putrajaya is cruising the magnificent waters of Lake Putrajaya. It’s is one of the best family-friendly activities to do in the city. The serene lake, combined with the scenic view of Putra Mosque (also known as Masjid Putra), makes for an unforgettable experience. Whether you want a relaxing or intimate cruise, Lake Putrajaya provides the perfect setting for the mood you’re looking for. Take pictures of the sunset and admire the stunning architecture of nearby bridges and buildings. 

When we visited Putrajaya, we went on a cruise tour by Cruise Tasik Putrajaya:

Taman Negara National Park
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Visit Malaysia’s most enchanting Putrajaya Botanical Gardens

The Putrajaya Botanical Gardens is the best place in Putrajaya for a peaceful getaway. This 227-acre of vast green land is one of the largest botanical gardens in Malaysia and is known as the “mother of all gardens.”

Explore the vast land and wander aimlessly at the gardens, including the three main areas: Decorative Garden, Ethnobotany Park, and Research and Rehabilitation. The Decorative Garden houses 13 themed gardens where you can find over 750 plant species. There’s also some remarkable architecture worth visiting, such as the Moroccan Pavilion Islamic Garden.

Moroccan Pavillion at the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens

The best time to visit the Putrajaya botanical garden is on weekends and during the morning or evening so you can avoid the afternoon heat.

Admire Putra Mosque’s unique architecture

Putra Mosque is always one of the top attractions people need to visit in Putrajaya. Getting to see the pink mosque up close is a truly surreal experience. Everything from its pink color to the magnificent combination of traditional Malay and Middle Eastern architectural design earns its place as one of Malaysia’s most stunning and unique mosques.

And although it’s quite the attraction, it’s also an important place of worship for Muslims. Inside, you’ll find functioning rooms, including the Main Prayer Hall, an auditorium, library, dining hall, and lecture rooms. And if you want to get inside, you’ll need to dress modestly. Robes for rent are available at the entrance.

Putra Mosque

Uncover the wonders of the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque

Another famous mosque worth exploring is the Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, otherwise known as the Iron Mosque. The mosque is a prominent symbol of Islamic heritage, named after Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, a former King of Malaysia.

The Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque is unlike any other mosque you’ve seen before. Its contemporary design and structure, comprised of 70% steel, hence its name, Iron Mosque, makes this mosque one of the most outstanding architectures.

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque is open for everyone to visit, including non-Muslims. You can explore as much as you’d like inside and outside the mosque. There’s as much to see outside as inside, mainly because of the beautiful and serene gardens surrounding the mosque.

Close up of the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in Putrajaya

Get in touch with nature at Putrajaya Wetlands Park

Nature lovers can go for a nature walk with your family at Putrajaya Wetlands Park. This wetlands park is considered the tropic’s and Malaysia’s largest man-made freshwater wetlands. And it’s home to more than 70 plant species and aquatic animals, birds, insects, and mammals, perfect for a day of exploration. 

You and your family can enjoy the different facilities Putrajaya Wetlands Park has to offer. They have a Lake Recreational Centre for water activities like boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Take your kids for a nice fishing day and catch freshwater fish.

Kids may also enjoy an educational tour at the Nature Appreciation Center. They can learn the importance of wetlands through interactive exhibits and guided tours. Other facilities include camping and picnic sites, observation towers, buggy and tram rental, a cafe, and BBQ pits, perfect for an all-out family day at the park.

Experience the heart-pumping sport of flyboarding at Marina Putrajaya

Get in on the heart-pumping action of flyboarding at Marina Putrajaya. This cool water sport will give you the ultimate rush of adrenaline you’re looking for! Fly over Marina Putrajaya’s gorgeous waters and enjoy the sights and landscape while you’re up in the air. You’ll be trained by professionals, and they’ll make sure you’re safe and sound during the lesson.

Take awesome pictures of this unforgettable experience to finally cross off flyboarding or jetpacking from your bucket list. There’s also a Flyboard Kids Tandem, so your kids can have as much fun as everyone. Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience when you visit Putrajaya!

Indulge in retail therapy at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Enjoy a day of shopping at Malaysia’s largest mall, IOI City Mall. This mall has everything you need, from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle to entertainment and dining. The mall features plenty of family-friendly facilities to explore. Go on a shopping bonanza with IOI City Mall’s trendy shops or ice skating at the Olympic-sized skating rink Icescape with your family. There’s also the IOI Sports Centre, home to 15 badminton courts and two covered futsal arenas. And don’t forget the District 21 theme park and IOI City Farm, which we will tell you more about later.

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IOI City Mall in Putrajaya

Conquer obstacles at District 21’s adventure-filled theme park

Visit IOI City Mall for more action at District 21’s post-apocalyptic theme park. Challenge your family to easy courses such as the Tubby Ride, Yoyo Car, Launch Pad, Power Station Free Fall, and the Maze. Or take it to the next level and conquer harder courses like the Low Ropes, Ninja Warrior, Sky Trail, and Roller Glider. Whatever you’re into, District 21 can take your family adventures to a whole new level with activities like climbing, sliding, riding, jumping, free-falling, and flying. Get your tickets here now for a discounted price!

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District 21 in Putrajaya

Go ice skating with your family at IOI City Mall

Create memorable moments with your family and go ice skating at IOI City Mall’s Olympic-sized ice skating rink, Icescape. It’s the perfect activity to unwind, whether for leisure or for practicing your ice skating skills. If you’ve never been ice skating before, no problem! They offer ice skating lessons perfect for beginners or professionals. And if you think your kid has what it takes to show off their skills, you can enroll them at the Ice Skating Academy to compete with other talents!

Visit IOI City Farm for the ultimate indoor urban farm experience

Among Putrajaya’s many firsts is IOI City Farm, the first indoor urban farm park in the city. IOI City Farm combines fun learning with awesome exhibitions where you can discover 154 species of plants and more than 60 species of land and aquatic animals.

Explore the three main attractions, which include Green Land, Little Rimba, and Fresh Water World. Discover the wonderful species of flora in this indoor urban jungle at Green Land. Meet some of the world’s wild (and cute) animals from countries like North Africa and Brazil. Some animals you may encounter are chinchillas, fennec foxes, peacocks, Black Tufted Marmosets, and Silkie Chickens.

Meanwhile, Fresh Water World introduces you to the life of various aquatic animals. Get to know more than 50 fish species and have the chance to pet, feed, and catch them! IOI City Farm features interactive pools where visitors of all ages can engage with lovely marine animals!

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Cycle around the island to admire the bridges

Explore the island by bicycle as a creative (and healthy) way to see the city landscapes and best attractions. You’ll get to pass by iconic sights like the Palace of Justice, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, and more. Before you take off, check out this website for more information about cycling in Putrajaya and marvel at the beautiful architectures of some of Putrajaya’s bridges like the Seri Wawasan Bridge, Seri Gemilang Bridge, Putra Bridge, Seri Saujana Bridge and more.

Scenic view of Lake Putrajaya and Putra Mosque from the bridge

Channel your adventurous side at Putrajaya Challenge Park

Prepare to face the extreme at the Putrajaya Challenge Park, with exciting facilities and activities excellent for adventure seekers. The Putrajaya Challenge Park features three main attractions: Indoor Rock Wall Climbing Complex, Skate Park and Thrill Park, and Mountain Bike Trails.

Their Indoor Rock Wall Climbing Complex features six zines varying in difficulty and a kids’ climbing wall suitable for kids 10 and below. If you want to turn rock climbing into a hobby, you can improve your skills with Cross Move Technical Climbing Coaching Service. 

Meanwhile, Skate and Thrill Park awaits those who like to take on a challenge with their skateboarding obstacles and extreme bike trails. The park is open to skateboarders, inline skaters, rollerbladers, BMX bikers, and stunt riders.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, they also have Mountain Bike Trails that feature various trails like a core trail loop, XC loop, downhill, downhill fun ride, free cross, and slopestyle line. Mountain bikes, BMX, and gear rentals are available at the park.

Take photogenic photos at the China Malaysia Friendship Garden

Visit the scenic China-Malaysia Friendship Garden for a moment of relaxation. This friendship garden was built in 2015 to commemorate China and Malaysia’s diplomatic ties. As you step inside the friendship garden, you’ll feel like you’re in the scene of a Chinese period drama. Inside, you’ll see majestic and stunning structures, including the moon gate, which makes an excellent backdrop for some photos. You’ll also find plenty of decor with Chinese elements, such as Qilin statues, hanging red lanterns, and more. The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden is filled with plants and trees like bamboo, bonsai trees, weeping willows, and Maple trees you’ll find in traditional gardens in China.

Where to Stay In Putrajaya (For Families)

Now you know what things to do in Putrajaya, you might want to turn your day trip into a (weekend) getaway.

TIP: On your way back to Kuala Lumpur, you can stop by at the Farm in the City, which is located between Putrajaya and the KL City Centre. We did that once and it worked perfectly. You can click here if you want to read our review of Farm in the City.

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If you want to stay overnight in Putrajaya for your family trip, there are several fantastic hotel accommodations in the city.

Le Méridien Putrajaya

Le Méridien Putrajaya exterior view

Le Méridien Putrajaya is connected to the IOI CIty Mall. They offer excellent family-friendly rooms with fantastic amenities like an outdoor swimming pool and children’s pool, an on-site restaurant, and a fitness center. They also have family and children’s activities prepared, which is great for families with kids who want to spend quality time together.

Location: Lebuh IRC, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 62502

Click here to check rates and availability

Dorsett Putrajaya

Decorative indoor display under a glass roof with artificial grass, potted plants, and large letter blocks spelling "DORSETT," reminiscent of hotels near Kuala Lumpur Airport. A small shrine-like structure is seen on the left.

We also recommend Dorsett Putrajaya, located in the heart of the island. This is where we stayed during our last trip to Putrajaya. It’s conveniently located near some of the city’s top attractions, like the Iron Mosque, Putrajaya Lake, and the prime minister’s office complex. Have a comfortable stay at one of their hotel rooms and enjoy their amenities, including an infinity swimming pool, children’s pool, the Citra Rasa Restaurant with gorgeous lake views, and the Dorsett Cafe.

Location: Precinct 3, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 62100

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Is Putrajaya Worth Visiting?

In a nutshell, is Putrajaya worth a spot on your travel list? Yes, it is, but only if you’re staying in KL for at least 4 days or if you live in or around Kuala Lumpur.

Putrajaya, the gleaming jewel of Malaysia’s modern urban planning, boasts a unique allure worth exploring. With its futuristic architecture, tranquil landscapes, and a tapestry of cultural delights, it’s a destination that shouldn’t be overlooked.

However, here’s the inside scoop: if you’re just breezing through Kuala Lumpur on a whirlwind tour, you might want to prioritize the city’s more iconic attractions. Putrajaya truly shines when you have time to savor its attractions without rushing.

On the other hand, if you’re a local or an expat in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya can be the perfect place for a weekend escape or a quick day trip. It’s a different world altogether, just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

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