20 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids 

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Looking for fun stocking stuffers for kids and other fun gifts for Christmas Eve? We’ve compiled this great gift guide so you can find the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for the Christmas season.

Kids at Christmas time are usually ready to burst with anticipation and curiosity. Everyone has one or two top items on their Christmas list that they know they are probably going to receive. When it comes to the Christmas stockings, they’re usually filled with surprises. Pulling the gifts out of ones stocking one by one is definitely one of the most exciting moments of the Holiday Season, no matter your age.

Below is a list of great stocking stuffer ideas specifically for kids of all ages to discover in their stockings when they spring out of bed on Christmas morning!

Kids Paper Airplane Squadron

This paper airplane squadron kit is a good stocking stuffer for boys or girls. The kit contains enough materials to construct 20 airplanes and includes stickers to decorate them. After they are done, they can watch them fly!

Dino Egg Bath Bombs for Kids

Your kids will love these dino egg bath bombs as much as our girl did. Just toss them in the tub and watch them fizzle away, turning your bath water colors and revealing a different dinosaur hidden inside. The box also includes 6 notecards with facts and histories of each dinosaur to help figure out which card matches which dinosaur once all the eggs are hatched!

Water Ring Toss Handheld Game

This 2-pack handheld water game will provide endless hours of fun. In one game, your child tries to stack as many rings as they can, and in the other they try to get as many basketball balls as they can into the net.

Wooden Craft Kits Set

This great stocking stuffer from Melissa and Doug is a 2-in-1 gift. After they use the paint and stickers to decorate their craft, they simply attach the axles and wheels and they are turned into working vehicles to play with.

Unicorn Fidget Squishy Toys for Kids

These colorful unicorns are perfect for squishing and squashing your stress away. Made of nontoxic, thick, thermoplastic rubber, inside each toy is filled with plastic beads and gel beads for even more fun with texture.

Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play

When you flip this water-filled bubbler over, you are mesmerized by the streams of falling droplets in 2 different colors. It may have a soothing effect for a hyperactive child and or simply anyone just wanting to calm themselves with its rhythmic motion.

Flying Parachute Men

These flying parachute men are big fun in a little package. Simply fold the parachute and send him on his way. Using a single piece of nylon to attach the parachute to the jumper helps keep it tangle-free.

Sloth Water Growing Toy

A great stocking stuffer for your animal lover, this adorable little sloth grows to 6 times his starting size. All you have to do is add water. The best part, he shrinks back to normal size again so you can enjoy it over and over.

Temporary Christmas Tattoos

These great temporary Christmas tattoos glow in the dark! This great stocking stuffer comes with 10 sheets of holiday themed temporary tattoos.

Christmas Brain Teaser Activity Book for Kids

Filled with 50 Christmas-shaped mazes and 33 other activities including coloring, find the difference and word-finding, this is one of the best stocking stuffers to help keep your childrens’ brain engaged over the school Holiday break.

Christmas Sensory Pop Toys

These fidget toys mimic the sensation of popping bubble wrap, but you can use them over and over again. This colorful 4-pack comes in the shape of a Christmas tree, a bell, a mitten and a stocking.

Shape Shifting Box

This generation’s answer to the Rubik’s cube, the Shashibo puzzle cubes use magnets to transform into 70 different shapes. Great for screen-free hand-eye coordination development. Small enough to be taken anywhere.

Rainbow Scratch Paper Art

These cute little scratch pads are a colorful and sparkly way to leave a friend a note or just doodle some art. It comes with 5 wooden styluses and 160 sheets of rainbow holographic cards.

Air Dry Christmas Clay Kit

This 4-pack of air-dry puffy clay comes with a different set of accessories for each one that will unleash your child’s imagination as they shape the clay into their version of Santa, a snowman, a gingerbread cookie and Christmas tree.

Suncatcher Gem Art Diamond Painting Kits

Using the art of diamond painting, your child can create beautiful sun catchers with this great stocking stuffer. With over 1000 colorful gem stickers, it also includes pre-printed color guides.

Magic Snake Cube

This fidget toy can be twisted and turned into a snake as well as 100 different animals. A great toy compact enough to take anywhere, it will help keep your child busy at home as well as on the go.

Light Up Handheld Memory Game

Test your memory with this hand-held lights and sounds game. Watch the sequence of the flashing different-colored lights. Then push the buttons in the same order to repeat the pattern.

Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Give the gift of a Christmas giggle with this sweet treat, a bag of reindeer farts! They taste like peppermint cotton candy, but don’t tell them that, see who is brave enough to find out on their own!

Christmas Candy Dispensers

From the company who turned candy dispensers into collectibles, these Christmas-themed Pez dispensers are a tasty stocking stuffer.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow!

This great Melissa & Doug water reveal pad comes with 4 reusable boards. Just feel the included pen with water and colors appear like magic. Once it dries and the colors disappear again, you can just start over!

Gift Ideas that Ignite Much Fun on Christmas Day

We covered some perfect small gifts in above, from cheap stocking stuffers to unique stocking stuffers and even some classic stocking stuffers. If you didn’t find a suitable gift in the list above, there are plenty of other good ideas we can think of. From card games to water bottles, from lip balm to video games and from hair clips to mini puzzles or a jump rope; the internet if filled with fun stocking stuffer ideas for little kids and big kids. 

We hope this list inspired you to find the perfect toy to put in your kids’ stockings this Christmas. Did we miss anything? Let us know your favorite things in the comments below.

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