12 Fun Ramadan Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Fun Ramadan Activities for Kids

What do you do as a family during the holy month of Ramadan? During this holiday, families come together to pray, share meals, and connect deeply with God. And if you’re celebrating with your kids, there are even more special ways to celebrate Ramadan and teach them the importance of this holiday. Let your kids explore and immerse themselves in the beautiful traditions of Ramadan through arts and crafts!

We’ve curated this list to give you the best creative ideas for Ramadan crafts and Ramadan-themed activities you and your kids can do. Here’s how you can make Ramadan a fun and meaningful celebration for the young ones!

Ramadan Crafts for Kids

What is Ramadan? 

Ramadan is the Islam’s holy month (the ninth month of the islamic calendar) when Muslims all around the world practice fasting daily from dawn to dusk. During this time, they also increase their time for prayer, self-reflection, and giving back to the community through charitable acts. The main essence of Ramadan is to teach Muslims self-discipline and self-restraint. It also helps them establish a stronger relationship with God through acts of kindness, gratitude, and generosity. Meanwhile, fasting serves as a reminder to always be grateful for the blessings God has given them and to develop empathy for the less fortunate.

If you want to know more about Ramadan, the importance of Ramadan traditions, and more, read our article about Celebrating Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur with Kids.

When is Ramadan in 2025?

In 2025, the Holy month of Ramadan starts in the evening of Friday, February 28 and ends on Sunday, March 30.

Fun Ramadan Crafts for Kids

Get creative this Ramadan with these fun Ramadan arts and crafts for kids! It features all kinds of simple activities such as DIY art projects like wooden Eid houses and suncatcher Eid Al-Fitr decorations, as well as our very own FREE Ramadan coloring book. Bond with your kids through fun activities for the whole family like coloring books and watercolor paintings and create unforgettable memories together this Ramadan.

Ramadan Coloring Book for Kids - Front Page

KLWK Ramadan Coloring Book for Kids

Get your own copy of our Ramadan Coloring Book for Kids now! It’s free and has 30 Ramadan Mubarak-themed coloring pages to fill, perfect for young children who love a good coloring activity. You can use various coloring mediums like watercolor paint, crayons, coloring pencils, oil pastels, and more! It’s up to your child’s imagination and creativity. This coloring book also functions as a drawing book because it has blank pages too, which you can use for drawing, writing, collaging, and more.

Eid Mubarak Wooden House

Build, paint, and decorate with the Eid Mubarak Wooden House. Enjoy a complete set of 9 wooden houses with different designs, plus 12 watercolor pens in all the colors you need for coloring. The houses are easy to assemble and it can turn into a fun project for everyone in the family! After coloring the wooden houses, you can display it and use it as a Ramadan decorations for your home.

My Portable Cardboard Playhouse Masjid for Muslim Kids

My Portable Cardboard Playhouse Masjid is a fun and educational interactive toy for kids. It’s easy to set up with no toolsrequired, and once assembled, it could turn into your kid’s very own private prayer room. You can use it indoors or outdoors. This Cardboard Playhouse Masjid is an excellent gift for young kids and a brilliant way for parents to teach their kids early in practicing their religion in an enjoyable way. Kids can make this their safe space for learning and reading the Quran, saying duas, reciting surahs, or even playing games.

Ramadan Window Decorations

Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with these Ramadan Window Clings adorned with Ramadan elements like mosques, the crescent moons, stars, the Quran, and more. They’re easy to apply and can stick to most surfaces, including glass, tiles, wood, and metal. There are nine sheets of large-sized window clings in one package, available in 196 patterns of different sizes. Let the kids have fun putting up these Ramadan Window Decorations in their bedroom doors, windows, glass jars, etc.

DIY Eid Festival Gift Arts and Crafts Painting Kit

Add color to your celebration of Ramadan with the Eid Festival Art Painting Kit. The painting kit contains 12 pieces of Eid Festival plaster paint crafts, 4 pieces of brush, and 2 sets of paint in different colors. Bring this to one of your Eid Festival family gatherings, and kids will have a great time coloring and designing the plaster paint crafts. After coloring, display the masterpiece and use it as an ornament!

Suncatcher Kit

The Suncatcher Kit is another fun painting activity for kids during Ramadan! It’s an enjoyable family activity and ideal as a Ramadan decoration. With 24 Eid Al Fitr sun catchers in 8 different styles and 12 paint colors, your imagination is the only limit. The kit also comes with suction hooks and a roll of fishing thread, so you can hang it on windows or anywhere the sun hits.

Ramadan & Eid Wooden Stamps Set

Spread joy and color these days of Ramadan using the Ramadan & Eid Wooden Stamps Set. The set contains 9 wooden stamps with Ramadan elements, including a ‘Ramadan Kareem’ and ‘Happy Eid’ stamp to wish your loved ones a blessed Ramadan. You can use it on paper crafts and letters; it’s a great opportunity and a creative way of engaging children to capture the essence of Ramadan.

Ramadan DIY Picture Frame Craft Kits

Use this awesome Ramadan DIY Picture Frame Craft Kit to celebrate the importance of togetherness during this Ramadan. Collect pictures of you, your friends, and your family during the holiest month and place them on these Ramadan picture frames. Aside from the 24-piece picture frames, the kit also comes with 24 sticker sheets with various Ramadan elements, so you can use them to decorate the pictures. Make Ramadan extra meaningful by documenting beautiful moments with your loved ones and sharing the pictures with them. Then, add the picture frames as decoration on your iftar table on the last day of Ramadan to reflect on beautiful moments at the end of the month.

Ramadan Scratch Paper Art Kit for Kids

Scratch the night away with this Ramadan Scratch Paper Art Kit for Kids. This could be a great activity for kids with their friends or family. Scratch, scratch, scratch until you uncover the magical rainbow colors of the Ramadan scratch cards. The kit includes 60 pieces of scratch cards in various styles, such as the moon, stars, mosque, ramadan lanterns, and more. Use it as an ornaments or beautiful artisan decorations afterward!

Ramadan Bingo Game Set

Invite everyone to a fun round of Bingo, but this time in Ramadan-style! The Ramadan Bingo Game Set includes 24 different game cards, 1 sheet of caller card, and 1 sheet of bingo card. It’s a great Ramadan activity and the perfect activity for kids of all ages and adults during family gatherings or Ramadan parties. There’s nothing like a good round of Bingo to bring the family together!

Ramadan Calendar

Count down to Eid in style with the Ramadan Countdown Calendar. Each calendar drawer can hold treats or fun educational materials about Ramadan, giving your kids something to look forward to every day! With its beautiful designs, eye-catching color, and festive elements, this calendar is a great way to engage and immerse your kids during Ramadan.

Giant Eid Mubarak Coloring Poster

Keep your younger kids and older kids entertained for hours during family gatherings or classroom events with this Giant Eid Mubarak Coloring Poster. The poster features many Ramadan elements to color, such as mosques, lanterns, stars, dates, and more. You can use various coloring materials, including crayons, markers, pencils, paints, or the 12 vibrant paint pens included. Display it on the walls as wall decorations or a bulletin board to showcase the beautiful masterpiece and strengthen the Ramadan spirit in your home.

Final Thoughts on Easy Ramadan Crafts Activities For Kids

In the spirit of Ramadan, these delightful crafts and fun Ramadan activities offer families a unique and engaging way to celebrate Muslims’ favorite month with their children. From creating wooden Eid houses to enjoying a free Ramadan coloring book, these activities foster creativity and instill the values of self-discipline, gratitude, and generosity in young hearts.

The diverse range of options, including DIY art projects, playhouses, window decorations, and games like Ramadan Bingo, ensures that there’s something for every family.

As you embark on these creative ventures, may your Ramadan be filled with joy, meaningful connections, and cherished memories that last a lifetime. Happy Ramadan! Eid Mubarak!

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