Everything You Need To Know About The Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)

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Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)

Heading to Malaysia with (or without your) kids? Great choice, its a fantastic country to visit. And, since the implementation of the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC), your arrival into the country will be even smoother. No more paperwork hassles at the airport – just more fun and adventure from the moment you land.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the MDAC – what it is, how to get it, and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the MDAC and applying for the Malaysia arrival card online. Ready for a stress-free journey? Let’s dive in!

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What is the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card?

The Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) is an online pre-arrival form that has to be filled up before arriving in Malaysia. Instead of filling out paper forms on the plane or at the airport, you do it online before you travel. It’s a quick, simple way to tell Malaysia, “Hey, we’re coming!” and to ensure your arrival is as smooth as a slide in a playground.

What Are The Benefits of the MDAC?

There are a few benefits of arrival cards in general and their digital versions, a few benefits of the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card are:

  • No More Paper Hassles: Say goodbye to keeping track of paper forms for the whole family.
  • Quick Airport Passages: Spend less time in lines and more time enjoying Kuala Lumpur with your family.
  • Safety First: The MDAC adds an extra layer of safety, making sure your family’s travel info is secure and accounted for.

Think of the MDAC as your fast pass to family fun in Malaysia. Unlike the old paper cards, it’s faster, more secure, and means you’re one step ahead before you even land.

Who is required to fill out the MDAC?

All foreign citizens traveling to Malaysia must complete the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC), except:

i) Citizens of Singapore;
ii) Diplomatic and Official Passport holders;
iii) Malaysian Permanent Residents and Long Term-Pass holders;
iv) General Certificate of Identity (GCI) Brunei Darussalam holders;
v) Brunei Malaysia Frequent Traveller Facility holders;
vi) Thailand Border Pass holders; and
vii) Indonesia Cross-Border Travel Document (PLB) holders.

Does the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) need to be filled out for children under 12?

Yes, completion of the MDAC is mandatory for all foreign travelers to Malaysia, except for the categories mentioned above. This means that you’ll have to fill out a form for yourself, as well as for your child(ren).

Is the MDAC required for all types of visas and entries (e.g., tourist, business, transit)?

In general, yes. However, there are some exceptions:

i) Citizens of Singapore;
ii) Diplomatic and Official Passport holders;
iii) Malaysian Permanent Residents and Long Term-Pass holders;
iv) General Certificate of Identity (GCI) Brunei Darussalam holders;
v) Brunei Malaysia Frequent Traveller Facility holders;
vi) Thailand Border Pass holders; and
vii) Indonesia Cross-Border Travel Document (PLB) holders.

All other foreign travelers need to complete the MDAC prior to their arrival in Malaysia. If you’re unsure, you can visit the Immigration Department’s website here to check your eligibility.

Can I submit the Digital Arrival Card on behalf of my family members or travel companions?

Yes, you can submit the MDAC on behalf of other travelers, as long as one form is completed for each individual traveler. As a family of three, we always have to complete three separate MDACs.

Having said this; we mean that you can help other travelers completing the submission form. However, you should put the travel and contact details of the traveler. You are not allowed to enter the country with an MDAC that contains details that are not yours.

Can families or groups fill out a single MDAC, or does each individual need to submit one?

Each individual needs to submit their own digital arrival card. So, if you’re a family of four, you’ll need to submit four separate forms.

How to Register For the Malaysian digital arrival card?

The registration process is very straightforward. Simply visit this website and fill out all the information within three days before arrival.

MDAC infographic
Infographic by the Immigration Department of Malaysia

What information is needed to complete the MDAC Online?

To complete the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card, you need the passport details for each family member, your travel dates, and accommodation information.

The information you need to complete is broken down into two sections: personal information, and travel information.

In the screenshot below you can see which personal information is required. For younger kids who don’t have their own phone number or email address, you can enter your own details.

Screenshot of personal information to be completed at MDAC registration

The second section on the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) registration is your traveling information:

Screenshot of traveling information to be completed at MDAC registration

What is meant by ‘date of departure’ in the MDAC form?

The date of arrival and date of departure are your arrival and departure date in Malaysia. If you’re traveling to multiple cities, you’ll have to use the date of arrival for your first arrival into Malaysia. For example, if you arrive from overseas to Kuala Lumpur and then continue on to Penang, the arrival date in KL is the date to fill out on the MDAC.

What is meant by ‘last port of embarkation’ in the MDAC form?

The last port of embarkation is the destination from where you departed. In case your trip includes a transit, the country where you went through immigration is your last port of embarkation. For example, if you departed from Amsterdam and had a stopover in Dubai, your last port of embarkation will be The Netherlands – unless you went through immigration in Dubai to spend a day (or more) in Dubai.

What should I fill in for address in the MDAC form when staying at different places in Malaysia?

The drop down of the accommodation is pretty self-explanatory and for the address you can fill out the property’s address. Whether it’s your own residence, your friend’s place, or a hotel, just fill out the address. If you’re traveling around, you can fill out the details for your first accommodation.

How will I receive confirmation of my MDAC Malaysia submission?

After submission, you will – almost instantly – receive an email containing a confirmation. This confirmation email contains all the details you’ve submitted as well as a pin you can use in case you need to change any of the information.

Do I need to print the MDAC confirmation or can I show it on my mobile device?

You don’t need to print the confirmation email. We always keep the email on hand, but we’ve never been asked to show it. We assume the submission is tied to our passport number and already in the system so that immigration officers can see it when they swipe the passports.

Can I edit my MDAC after submission?

Yes, you can edit the info you submitted by visiting this page and enter your pin. The pin is stated at the bottom of the confirmation email you received upon submitting the MDAC submission form.

Is there a deadline for submitting the MDAC before arrival?

Yes, you need to submit the MDAC within three days before your arrival. We’ve seen a lot of questions about the three days before arrival rule, but it’s as simple as it sounds; you’ve got to submit the form anywhere from 3 days before your arrival and your moment of arrival.

How far in advance of my trip can I submit the MDAC?

You can submit your Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) application anywhere from 3 days before arrival until your arrival.

Can I use the MDAC Registration if I’m entering Malaysia by land or sea?

Yes, you are supposed to use the digital Arrival Card Malaysia when you enter the country, whether that’s by land or by sea.

If I’m going to another country for a few days and then Come back to Malaysia again, do I need to submit a new MDAC?

Yes, you will need to submit the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) every time you enter the country. Unless you’re in of the excempted categories, which we mentioned earlier.

Can I use the MDAC if I am transiting through Malaysia to another destination?

Yes, when entering Malaysia (meaning, when passing through immigration), it’s mandatory to fill out the MDAC Malaysia registration form. Whether you’re staying for a night (or more) or transiting from KLIA Terminal 1 to KLIA Terminal 2, you’ll have to submit the MDAC form. Only when you’re transiting without leaving the airport (without passing through immigration) you don’t need to complete the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card.

What happens if I fail to submit the MDAC before arriving in Malaysia?

You might be denied entry into the country. In case you fail to complete the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card registration before arrival, you will be told to fill out the online form on the spot. However, this means you have to go back to the end of the immigration queue.

Final Words About The Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)

The MDAC is meant to speed up the immigration process, so we recommend taking two minutes to register before your arrival as you don’t want to deal with this at the airport upon arrival and delay the immigration process.

As a reminder, here is the link to register: https://imigresen-online.imi.gov.my/mdac/main?registerMain

Feel free to comment below in case you have any other questions that we have not covered in the article. We’d love to keep it as comprehensive as possible.

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  1. i have two questions , 1. i come with kids. can i submit their details and put same phone number and email ?
    2. i am working in malaysia and i come with family under my visa. how to choose the date of departure?

    • Hi there,

      1. Yes – you can submit their details and use your phone number and email address. That’s how we do it for our daughter too.
      2. We also live in KL and usually have another trip lined up, so we use the departure date for our next trip. In case we don’t have next trip planned, we put either the end date of the permit, or a year from now, whichever comes first. Great question, and my answer is how I would do it – it’s not an answer from an immigration official ;-).

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,
    What if I had changes in plan and my departure date is different, staying longer in the country? Is there anything I should do? My passport can stay 90days but my initial departure date was after 29 days.

    • Hi Fiona,
      That’s an excellent question and I honestly don’t know the answer. I have sent a message to immigration and will let you know the answer when (and if) they get back to me.

      • Hi Fiona – unfortunately, there is no response yet, but you could try to edit your MDAC submission. In your confirmation email, you’ll find a PIN, which makes it possible to go back to your form and make changes (see above).

  3. What if my flight date changes from where i had taken off and landed in next day?
    Like for my midnight flight?
    What shall be my Date of Arrival?

  4. I have two questions:
    1. What does “departure date” mean? Is it the date when I travel from my country?
    2. If I rent condominum through airbnb, what kind of accomodation should I choose ?

    • Hi Vandi, arrival and departure dates refer to your arrival and departure in and from Malaysia. As AirBnB is an accommodation rental, I would choose hotel/motel/rest house as type of accommodation.

  5. Good Evening, I have question regarding register in MDAC as below.
    Due to I arrived to Malaysia yesterday. However, I have not yet register MDAC since the website was down.
    Now, I am going to register for MDAC. May I know if this possible to register? Because my arrival date was 20 Feb 24 and I am unable to select the date 20 Feb 24, only able to select the date as 21 Feb 24 (today). Thank you.

  6. Hi, I just want to ask if what will I write in the accomodation of stay and address in malaysia if I will go to malaysia and return to singapore on the same day? Thank you!

    • Hi Adrienne, for accommodation, I would select others, and for address, I would write N/A. But again – that’s my personal thought, and I am not an immigration official.


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