Inside the KL Tower: Our Candid Review & Must-Know Insights!

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KL Tower family attraction in Kuala Lumpur

Is visiting the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur worth it? We believe it is and in this review we tell you why you should add a visit to the KL Tower to your Kuala Lumpur itinerary.

One of the most recommended places in Kuala Lumpur is the KL Tower. It’s an attraction every local or visitor loves, especially if you enjoy getting an adrenaline rush and seeing spectacular views from the top of the tower.

Beware, though, because it’s not for the faint of heart. The KL Tower in Malaysia is an exciting experience that definitely leaves memories. Besides the view, you can do many exciting activities with your kids, which is great for family time!

In this blog, we’re thrilled to share our review of our recent adventure at the iconic KL Tower. So, sit back and relax as we take you along our journey to one of KL’s most popular attractions.

Happy family picture with a parrot in KL Tower mini zoo

What to Expect at the KL Tower?

KL Tower, also known as Menara Kuala Lumpur – or Menara KL, is a towering gem of architecture with a breathtaking height of 1,381 feet (421 meters). It ranks as the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world and the tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia.

Conquering the KL Tower will make you feel you’re on top of the world! You’ll get a 360-view of Kuala Lumpur’s beautiful skylines from the observation platform, a must-see both during the day and at night. If you’re looking for culture, adventure, and nature in one place, start at the Menara Kuala Lumpur tower.

Here are the best features you can expect in the KL Tower:

1. Sky Box at the Sky Deck

Are you up for the thrill? Beat your fear of heights and take on the Sky Box at the KL Tower Sky Deck. Suspended 984 feet (300 meters) above the ground, the Sky Box offers a unique way of admiring the panoramic views of the city.

Admire the magnificent view in the all-glass Sky Box hanging over the ledge. Everything is transparent, so you can see the city from below and on all sides. Expect to get weak-kneed during the whole experience, especially if you fear heights.

The Sky Deck and Sky Box tickets are more expensive than the Observation Deck, but it’s all worth it, given the views. And it’s even more breathtaking at night when you see KL light up. You can glimpse the mesmerizing Petronas Twin Towers lit up from one of the sky boxes.

Get your family picture taken or take photos yourself, and don’t miss out on this Instagram-worthy spot!

Mom and daughter on Sky Box at the Sky Deck
Posing for a picture in the Sky Box at the Sky Deck

2. Observation Deck

The KL Tower Observation Deck is a little below the Sky Deck at 905 feet (276 meters) above ground level. It’s a cheaper alternative to the Sky Deck but can still give pretty sick views of the city skyline.

Explore the circular deck and get a binocular view of the most popular landmarks in the city. Try to spot the Lord Murugan statue at the Batu Caves with the binoculars (free to use!).

You can also browse and shop in the gift stalls and souvenir shops and take home a little trinket. There are also picture counters giving you more opportunities to take memorable photos.

Dad and daughter on Observation Deck KL Tower
Enjoying the view of the brand new Menara 118; the tallest tower in Kuala Lumpur.

3. KL Tower Light Show

At night, the KL Tower puts on a show for its admirers. The beautiful changing colors of the tower are so amazing to watch, and the best part is it’s for free!

It changes every half an hour, and you see different light patterns in the KL Tower. So if you’re around the area at night, look up for a fantastic view of the tower and prepare to be surprised.

Sometimes they even feature a musical light show for famous international artists or shows. Last year, they held a special Stranger Things 4 Light Show at the KL Tower.

One of the best ways to enjoy the show is with family or friends, maybe after dinner. The light show is well worth watching and will brighten your night!

4. Tower Walk 100

The KL Tower Walk 100 is for thrillseekers. Are you brave enough to walk on an outdoor glass platform 100 feet (30.5 meters) above ground?

Enjoy a nice sky stroll on a transparent platform to get a 360 view of KL. Channel your adventurous side and take on new heights at the KL Tower Walk 100.

For everyone’s safety, visitors are attached to harness equipment. Take daring photos and share the experience with your followers!

Quick reminder, the tower walk is only allowed for fully vaccinated people with a minimum height of 120 cm and weighs between 30 kg to 140 kg.

5. ARAS Revolving Restaurant

Dine in style at KL Tower’s newly opened revolving restaurant. ARAS Revolving Restaurant takes the wheel in offering visitors of the KL Tower a glamorous dining experience in the sky.

Get ready to be delighted by a sumptuous buffet meticulously prepared by their highly skilled chefs. They offer Buffet Hi-Tea and Dinner Buffet for Weekdays and Weekend & Public Holidays. Savor a variety of Western, Asian, and Seafood specialties while immersing yourself in the 360-degree panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur.

Whether you want to spend a romantic evening with your significant other or a hearty dinner with your family, ARAS Revolving Restaurant has the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable dining experience. Buffet prices start at RM 89.00.

Make your reservations at KL Tower’s Revolving Restaurant through this link.

Other Fun Things You Can Do at KL Tower, Malaysia

Aside from sightseeing and dining features, KL Tower is also home to many attractions. Most of these are child-friendly and perfect for families with kids.

6. KL Tower Mini Zoo

Update: the KL Tower Mini Zoo permanently closed on 9 July 2023.

Do you love animals? Discover exotic animals here at the KL Tower Mini Zoo, where you can get a closer look at different animals.

There are fluffy rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, turtles, and more! Feel free to feed or pet them and give them some love. You can also hold a parrot in your hand or wrap a massive python around your neck.

Take a quick photo so you’ll have something to remember about this wonderful experience.

Mom and daughter feeding a parrot
Feeding the birds at the KL Tower Mini Zoo

7. The Upside Down House

Another great attraction for kids is the Upside Down House, located near the car park entrance. It’s a cottage house with everything built upside down, from the house to the furniture and an antique Morris 1974 car.

It’s a fun place to play around in, especially for kids. Overall, it’s a unique experience with plenty of opportunities to take wacky photos. This attraction will turn your frown upside down (wink).

8. Jelutong Tree

The century-old Jelutong Tree is found on top of the hill, near the KL Tower. You can access the tree from the lobby.

This tree is very delicate and well-respected. In fact, to properly conserve the tree, the KL Tower has to be built around it. They adjusted the planning and construction of the tower to ensure they didn’t hurt the tree in the process.

Today, the Jelutong Tree stands proudly and will continue to do so for many generations to come.

9. KL Forest Eco Park Canopy Walk

KL Forest Eco Park, or Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, provides fresh air from the busy city. Embrace nature and surround yourself with the beautiful sounds of the forest and lush greenery.

Take a nice peaceful stroll at the KL Forest Eco Park Canopy Walk and see if you can spot some squirrel monkeys. It’s also a decent spot to enjoy the sunset.

It can get hot and humid, so wear a cotton shirt and bring extra clothes and water.

The KL Forest Eco Park is also featured in our round-up of the best free things to do in Kuala Lumpur.

10. Blue Coral Aquarium

Go on a sea adventure at the KL Tower and visit the Blue Coral Aquarium on the ground floor. The aquarium features many exotic sea creatures, including Baby White Tip Reef Sharks, Pufferfish, Fire Clownfish, etc. It’s not as interactive as the mini zoo, but still lovely to visit.

Little girl and a turtle mural
Aquarium art on the Sky Deck of the KL Tower.

Where is the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur?

The route to the KL Tower can be tough because it involves an uphill battle, literally. You can find Menara Kuala Lumpur at the junction of Jalan Puncak off Jalan P. Ramlee on top of Bukit Nanas Hill.

Click here to get a map of the KL Tower

To get there, you have several transportation options:

  • By GrabCar or Taxi: This is the easiest and most convenient option because it will take you right to your destination.
  • By Train: You can also take the monorail and alight at any of the nearest stations, Bukit Nanas Station and Dang Wangi Station. From there, you’d have to take a 10-minute walk until you reach the free shuttle service that will take you to the tower.
  • By Bus: The KL Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus also stops at the KL Tower.

Once you arrive at the KL Tower, you’ll find clear signage guiding you to the ticket counters and entrance. The tower is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, so it’s easily accessible from various parts of the city.

KL Hop on Hop off bus

What Are the Opening Hours of the KL Tower?

The opening hours of the KL Tower are 9.00 am to 10.00 pm, and it is open all year round.

What is the best time to visit Menara Kuala Lumpur?

If you want to avoid crowds, getting to the tower early on a weekday is best. Going there in the morning also gives you the city’s best view with clear skies and a gentle breeze.

The view you get at night from the KL Tower is also unbeatable. Everything about the KL skyline is just beautiful to see, especially when it’s lit up.

How Much is the KL Tower Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee to the KL Tower depends on the experience and attractions you want. You can buy single KL Tower tickets per attraction or a combo ticket with two or more attractions.

Ticket TypeInternational Price (RM)Malaysian Price (RM)
Observation DeckAdult: RM 49.00Adult: RM 30.00
Child: RM 29.00Child: RM 20.00
Sky Deck (Includes Sky Box & Observation Deck)Adult: RM 99.00Adult: RM 52.00
Child: RM 71.00Child: RM 37.00
Ticket TypeInternational Price (RM)Malaysian Price (RM)
Observation Deck  + Blue Coral Aquarium Adult: RM 52.00Adult: RM 31.00
Child: RM 31.00Child: RM 22.00
Observation Deck  + Upside Down HouseAdult: RM 55.00Adult: RM 36.00
Child: RM 36.00Child: RM 26.00
Observation Deck  + XD TheatreAdult: RM 66.00Adult: RM 36.00
Child: RM 36.00Child: RM 26.00
Observation Deck  + Mini ZooAdult: RM 66.00Adult: RM 47.00
Child: RM 47.00Child: RM 38.00
*KL Tower combo tickets that include admission to the Sky Deck instead of the Observation Deck are also available.

Ticket TypeInternational Price (RM)Malaysian Price (RM)
Observation Deck + Mini Zoo + Blue Coral Aquarium + Upside Down HouseAdult: RM 85.00Adult: RM 66.00
Child: RM 57.00Child: RM 47.00
Sky Deck + Sky Box + Observation Deck + Mini Zoo + Blue Coral Aquarium + Upside Down HouseAdult: RM 123.00Adult: RM 104.00
Child: RM 85.00Child: RM 75.00

The rate for children includes kids aged 4 to 11. They also offer family packages for discounted prices for 2 adults + 2 children.

Komuter Link Card holders are also eligible for discounts.

TIP: Avoid the long line at the ticket counter; buy your tickets online

Our Review of the KL Tower

Just recently we enjoyed visiting the iconic KL Tower. Despite the cloudy morning, our experience at the tower was nothing short of amazing. With breathtaking views from the Sky Box and the Sky Deck, and a visit to the captivating KL Tower Mini Zoo, this attraction offers a perfect blend of excitement and leisure for the entire family.

Upon arrival, we first ascended, by one of the high-speed elevators, to the Sky Deck, one of the KL Tower’s main attractions. Even on a cloudy day, the panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline were truly mesmerizing.

Note that the Sky Boxes close when it starts raining. Tickets are non-refundable, but you may return later on the day (or another day) if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the Sky Box due to bad weather.

The Sky Box, a thrilling glass-bottomed observation deck of the KL Tower, allowed us to step out into the sky and feel like we were floating above the city. It provided an amazing experience, especially since we could see our neighbourhood.

Panaromic view of Kuala Lumpur from the KL Tower
View from the KL Tower; you can Titiwangsa Park in the center of the image

While we didn’t get a chance to experience the dining options personally, the Sky Cafe located on the Sky Deck caught our attention. The cafe boasts a pleasant ambiance, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a meal or sip on refreshing beverages while taking in the stunning cityscape. From the looks of it, the Sky Cafe seemed like an ideal spot to relax and indulge in some culinary delights.

Sky Cafe at KL Tower

After our visit to the Sky Deck, we made our way to the KL Tower Mini Zoo, and it turned out to be a delightful surprise. The mini zoo is well-maintained and houses a diverse range of animals. From playful monkeys to colorful birds and reptiles, we encountered a variety of fascinating creatures.

It provided an excellent opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about different species in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

Overall we enjoyed our visit and will come back on a less cloudy day. The mini zoo was a nice addition, and next time, we’ll most probably go for a walk at the KL Forest Eco Park afterwards.

Final Words

Is the KL Tower in Malaysia worth a visit? Yes! With the best views come great experiences at the KL Tower. The tower is more than its architecture, with plenty of attractions. Besides the breathtaking views and adrenaline-inducing activities at the decks, the KL Tower is also filled with other entertainment.

We highly recommend visiting the KL Tower, whether you’re a solo traveler or traveling with family. It’s a wonderful adventure that will leave you with a lasting sense of wonder and awe.

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