Grab App: Everything You Need To Know About How To Use It 

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How to Use GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur? A Closer Look at GrabCar KL’s Features

Transportation in Kuala Lumpur is quite the breeze because of your many options. Using Grab App’s GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur is one of the most convenient options for locals and tourists alike. 

GrabCar provides a hassle-free ride when getting around any place. If you’re planning on touring the city, GrabCar offers one of the best modes of transportation.

In this article, you’ll learn more about this amazing super app, its features, and how to use a GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur.

What is GrabCar Kuala Lumpur? 

GrabCar is just one of the features of the Grab mobile application. Southeast Asia’s most popular super app, Grab offers many services, including a private hire car-hailing service. Among its other features are Grab Food, Grab Mart, Grab Express, and Grab Pay.

Here are the five main services of Grab:

1 – GrabCar

Need a private car to tour you around the city of Kuala Lumpur, or are you simply looking to go from point A to point B? GrabCar is the only ride-hailing service you need. Their chauffeur-style service is unmatched, and you’ll have the security you need while traveling to your preset destination.

GrabCar in Malaysia has four ride services: Taxi, Car, JustGrab, and Rent.

The Grab Taxi service in Kuala Lumpur allows you to book the nearest taxi near you, offering a comfortable and safe experience to your destination with pre-screened traditional taxi drivers.

Meanwhile, Grab Car uses private vehicles to get you where you need to be. All Grab drivers have proper training and certifications and follow high safety and service standards.

You’ll also have three service types for this feature, the standard GrabCar, GrabCar+, and GrabCar (6-seater).

GrabCar offers the most affordable option and can carry 1 to 4 passengers. Meanwhile, the GrabCar (6-seater) is ideal for families and group rides. And GrabCar+ is great if you want premium service from top-rated drivers in Kuala Lumpur.

No time to wait? JustGrab gives you the option to book the nearest available GrabCar or GrabTaxi.

Finally, GrabRent allows passengers to rent a car with a Grab driver for 4 hours or more. This option is ideal for arranging private tours with friends or families where you’ll have more flexibility. You will have to book at least 4 hours, and you can choose between a 4-seater or 6-seater car.

2 – GrabFood

GrabFood is your best friend for ordering food online. Want to satisfy your hunger late at night but are too lazy to cook for yourself or go out? GrabFood has food for all cravings, especially with how diverse and irresistible the food scene is here in KL.

This popular food delivery service also features GrabReward points, which you can use to redeem rewards or rebates.

Have trouble deciding what restaurant to eat from? No problem! GrabFood has Mix & Match, where you can mix and match your food choices from different restaurants in one order.

3 – GrabMart

Shop for essential everyday services like groceries, packaged food, healthcare products, medicine, and more using GrabMart. This Grab service provides quick delivery for everything you need at the grocery, convenience store, pharmacy store, etc.

If you don’t like lining up for queues at stores, GrabMart is perfect for you. Stay home and take advantage of the convenience of having your shopping delivered within 30 minutes.

4 – GrabExpress

GrabExpress is another on-demand delivery service from Grab. This feature allows you to book a rider to deliver a parcel or package from one place to another. Depending on the size and weight of the package, GrabExpress uses motorbikes or cars for fast and safe delivery.

They offer three modes of Grab delivery in Kuala Lumpur: Instant Delivery, 4-Hour Delivery, and Multi-stop Delivery. With GrabExpress, you’ll be offered convenient and hassle-free package delivery transactions.

5 – GrabPay 

GrabPay is a cashless payment method used in Malaysia. It’s an e-wallet that allows you to pay for various services with a tap on your phone. Pay for bills, shopping, rides, prepaid loads, and more with GrabPay.

Every GrabPay transaction also earns you points, which you can use to shop or redeem discount vouchers. Use GrabPay in KL, and you can book rides, food deliveries, and shop using a credit/debit card or GrabPay Credits.

How to Set Up Your Grab Account

Before you can use the Grab services, you need to set up your account first. Here’s how you can create your Grab account.

  1. Download the Grab App

First, look for the Grab App on the App Store or Play Store and download it:

Screenshot of the Grab App in the App Store
  1. Sign up

For new users, click the “New to Grab? Sign up!” button at the top of the screen and sign up by entering your mobile number.

Once you enter your mobile phone number, you’ll receive a verification code from Grab. Enter the verification code.

Next, enter your name to get started.

Note: For a quick sign-up, you can sign up through an existing Google or Facebook account.

  1. Complete setting up your account

Finish setting up your account by:

  • Adding emergency contacts
  • Setting up a recovery email
  • Verifying with a selfie
  • Adding credit/debit card payment method
  • Verifying with Facebook

Once you’re done setting up, you can now enjoy Grab’s services!

How to Order a GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur?

First time booking a GrabCar? Don’t worry. We have your back! Here’s how you can order a GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur.

We will use the example of ordering a Grab from Kuala Lumpur Airport to the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur in KLCC.

In the Grab app, select the GrabCar option. Make sure your location services are on for better accuracy.

Screenshot of how to use Grab App Kuala Lumpur

Choose your drop-off point by entering the name of your hotel, apartment building, or any other destination in the location field.

Screenshot of how to choose a destination in Grab App

Choose your pick-up point and make sure to select the nearest level, door, exit, etc, depending on your current location. You can see on the map where you are and where the pick-up destinations are located. You can select the preferred pick-up point from the list, or you can tap on the dots on the map. Once you selected the pick-up point, click the green “Choose This Pick-Up Button” at the bottom of the screen. 

Screenshot of choosing the correct pick-up location in Grab App

You will now see a map showing your pick-up and drop-off location. At the bottom of the screen you see some options to book. By sliding the options up, you unlock even more options. We usually book JustGrab. However, when the waiting time is too long or no cars are available (during rush hours for example) we choose GrabCar Premium. While it’s often twice the price, we love that the waiting time is a lot shorter and that it’s a premium car.

Screenshot of different Grab Car options

Next, select your payment option. While you have options to choose from, we recommend adding a Credit Card or Debit Card to your mobile wallet. That way, you don’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand. Most drivers also prefer cashless payment, so the chances of finding a quick ride a lot higher. 

Once you select your preferred GrabCar and payment method, tap the green button at the bottom of the screen and you’re ready to go! All you have to do is to wait for the nearest driver to accept the ride. 

Screenshot of how to book a GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur

Want to schedule your Grab to Kuala Lumpur Airport ahead? No problem, GrabCar allows you to make advanced bookings (up to 7 days) for your convenience. Note that scheduled rides are only available for rides to KLIA/KLIA2 with standard airport fares.

Benefits of Upfront Pricing and Cashless Payment in Grab

Grab is a popular ride-hailing and food delivery super app for many reasons. Its success is rooted in the revolutionary way it provides various services to its customers in all major cities in Southeast Asia. Two of its most remarkable features for customers are upfront pricing and cashless payment.

Here’s why.

Upfront pricing

Upfront pricing makes the service price fair for customers as it adjusts based on market demand. Low demand means paying a lower price, while higher demand pays for a higher price. It often happens that during rush hours the price for basic vehicle type is the same as the price for a premium car during off-peak hours. 

The market demand also pushes for competitive pricing as businesses adjust depending on the market’s competitiveness.

There’s also the benefit of transparency for customers who know beforehand how much a product or service will cost. This allows them to make an informed decision in booking services for higher or lower prices based on market demand.

Cashless payment

Another convenient feature in the app for customers is cashless payment. With Grab, you can carry your e-wallet anywhere and everywhere, which is a big help when traveling to big cities like KL.

Paying in-app using GrabPay, PayLater, or a debit/credit card is much more convenient than paying in cash. This payment method increases your safety because you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash or your physical debit/credit card.

Cashless payment offers a quick, safe, and seamless way to pay your bills, food, drinks, groceries, etc. It also introduces the benefits of reward points and promotions, potentially saving you costs and improving customer satisfaction.

How to Pay Toll Fee when Traveling by Grab?

The toll fee is never included in the ride fare, but don’t worry. If you’re using the toll roads in Kuala Lumpur, your grab driver will pay the toll fare and add it to the total amount at the end of your ride. If you’re using cashless payments, the fare will be authorized on your card when you book the ride, but it will only be deducted when you’ve arrived at your drop-off destination. When possible, we prefer to use the toll roads as they are usually a lot faster than the alternative routes. The toll fares are very reasonable. We also like that the drivers pay the toll fee, so that we don’t have to worry about passing toll money to him during our ride. 

Is Grab Safe in Kuala Lumpur? 

Yes, using the Grab application to book transportation in Kuala Lumpur is very safe. Grab is one of the most secure apps, especially with its built-in safety features. Whether you’re a tourist or local, you can guarantee a safe and stress-free experience with Grab.

What makes Grab safe to use? Learn three of the built-in safety features available in the app.

  1. Trip monitoring

Grab has a Trip Monitoring feature to ensure the safety of every passenger. This feature can detect potentially unsafe situations where you can get help through the Grab app or by phone call.

They do this by monitoring your trip data, drivers’ GPS signals, navigation map, smartphone sensors, and telematics data.

You’ll get a notification if it detects anything unusual, including:

  • An unexpected prolonged stop
  • A possible crash/accident
  • The Grab ride is off course
  • Your drop-off point is far from your real requested destination.
  1. Emergency button

This button is available during your ride and connects you to emergency authorities (i.e., police, ambulance) with just a few taps.

Tip: Adding and enabling the Emergency Contacts feature will send out an alert to your emergency contacts when you tap on the emergency button.

  1. Share my ride

Do you feel safer sharing your location with the people you trust? You can share your ride every time you use GrabCar. Send your ride details to friends or family and let them see where you are in real-time.

Here’s how you can share your ride:

  1. Click on the share icon.
  2. Choose a social option where you want to share your ride details
  3. Confirm your recipient and send the message

We usually do this when we’re on the way home, not only for safety but also because it’s always handy to share a real-time expected arrival time. 

Can Young Children Travel by GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur?

Yes! Your youngsters are allowed to ride any vehicle type, from JustGrab to the Premium variants. If you’re used to traveling in Southeast Asia you won’t be surprised to learn that baby or booster seats are usually not available. Here, we travel with the little ones on our lap. If you are uncomfortable with that thought, you can always bring your car seat. 

What’s Next?

Grab is a well-trusted ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia. Based on a 2021 survey, 94% of respondents from Malaysia reveal that, among all ride-hailing services, Grab is their most used ride-hailing app. This data alone proves the reliability of Grab in its services, including the GrabCar. A grab ride the ideal alternative to public transport, especially if your pick-up location or drop-off point is not near a train or bus station. 

Hopefully, this article served as a helpful guide to you about GrabCar and Grab in general. Make use of the best features of the GrabCar when exploring the vibrant and lovely city of Kuala Lumpur.

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