12 Best Chinese New Year Gift Hamper Ideas in Kuala Lumpur (2024)

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Granny Doris’ Chinese New Year Hampers

Wish your loved ones good fortune this Chinese New Year with the best gift hamper deliveries in Kuala Lumpur! This long-standing tradition is a beautiful way to express well wishes and share abundance and prosperity with your loved ones for the New Year. Chinese New Year Gift Hampers usually consist of items that symbolize prosperity, good luck, abundance, and good fortune.

In this post, we’re giving you a list of the top Chinese New Year Gift Hampers in Kuala Lumpur to share the joy of the holidays!

Bow and Ribbons Chinese New Year Hamper - Fortune Bloom

Best Chinese New Year Gift Hamper Ideas in Kuala Lumpur

If you’d like to learn more about Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, click here to read our ultimate guide to Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. This link will open in a new tab, so you can come back to the gift ideas below easily.

Eat Cake Today

Eat Cake Today’s CNY Gift Hampers

Eat Cake Today wishes you Prosperous Beginnings for their Chinese New Year 2024 Collection! Make the tradition of gift giving for your loved ones special and spread the joy of the festive season with Happiness Gift Bags and Fortune Gift Baskets. Enjoy a variety of festive sweets and treats, such as pineapple tarts, cranberry cookies, pineapple snow cubes, Mandarin oranges, and more!

Your loved one will feel lucky and blessed with every item from Eat Cake Today’s Gift Hampers. Whether it’s your parents, friends, or colleagues, Eat Cake Today has the perfect hamper to express your love, friendship, or appreciation.

Prices of Eat Cake Today’s CNY Gift Hampers range from RM 58.00 to RM 370.00. They also offer same-day delivery within 4 hours!

Browse their CNY collection here and whatsapp Eat Cake Today at 017-8800153 or email [email protected] for more questions and inquiries.

A Little Thing

A Little Thing Chinese New Year Gift Collection

A Little Thing presents this year’s Chinese New Year Gift Collection with Rolling in Riches and Counting in Blessings.

Sprinkle some good fortune as the New Year starts with Rolling in Riches, and enjoy goodies that will bring in the money for 2024! The Rolling in Riches Gift Box includes fortune cookies, Roasted Tie Guan Yin Tea Premium Pack, Blessings Chopsticks, and Handwritten CNY Greeting Scroll. There’s also an Endless Prosperity Pouch, which hides a ‘Prosperity Coin’ to symbolize endless luck amidst a sea of Chocolate Coins to make your New Year sweet and rich.

Wish your family a year filled with abundance and prosperity while Counting in Blessings. This gift box promises an unending hope for fortune, success, and good luck. With goodies like Fortune-Framed Display Piece, Chocolate Gold Coins, ancient Porcelain Seasoning Jar, Fortune Cookies, Red Dates with Walnut, and Roasted Tie Guan Yin Tea Premium Pack, may your recipient feel the warmest blessings from this delightful treasure box. Prayer sachets and Handwritten CNY Greeting Scroll are also included for attracting blessings and good fortune.

Get the Rolling in Riches Gift Box for RM 88.00 and the Counting in Blessings Treasure Box for RM 168.00. Pre-order now!

Need help ordering? Email them at [email protected] for your questions and inquiries.

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year Praline Gift Box

Share good fortune and bountiful wishes with your loved ones this Chinese New Year with one of Grand Hyatt KL’s hampers.

Their abundant gift sets include delectable treats and sweets like Chinese tea “Da Hong Pao,” Fortune cookie, Peanut crunchy, and Chinese New Year Designer Cookie. Celebrate the joyful season with Grand Hyatt’s festive hampers at a starting price of RM 128.00.

Sweeten the family reunion with the Chinese New Year praline gift box and hope for a prosperous New Year with their Prosperity fortune cookie bag. Their other Chinese New Year offerings are the “福” cake, Seafood Tofu Cracker, Cranberry Coconut Cookie, and more.
Browse their store and order here now while supplies last!

Floral Garage


Enjoy free delivery by purchasing any of Floral Garage’s Chinese New Year Gift Hampers! And, a reader of our blog, you get 15% discount on your orders with promo code FGKK15 (valid until 31 December 2024).

This year, spread the wealth and good luck with Golden Prosperity – Mandarin Orange Hamper. Invite the spirit of good fortune with a sweet basket of Mandarin Oranges, and choose between 18 and 50 oranges to give your special someone. The price starts at RM 188.00.

Imperial Treasure – Premium CNY Hamper has some New Year goodies prepared, including New Moon Razor Clams, New Moon Limpets, New Moon Top Shell, Hock Hua Dried Mushroom, and Ban Yuan Ginseng Jujube. Fill out the complimentary card note for your heartfelt wishes! The Premium CNY Hamper is priced at RM 388.00.

For RM 488.00, you can get the Royal Elite Treasure – Deluxe CNY Hamper featuring premium snacks like Song Shen Birds Nest, Camel Pistachio, Hock Hua Shrimp Roll, Sun Kee Dried Scallop Floss, and Tiger King Australia Wild Blacklip Abalone.

Lastly, there’s the Everlasting Prosperity Luxury CNY Hamper, the perfect hamper for wishing your loved one an abundant year ahead. This gift hamper includes New Moon Top Shell, New Moon Limpets, New Moon Razor Clams, Song Shen Birds Nest, Ferrero Rocher, Hock Hua Chicken Floss Samosa, Golden Wine, and Hock Hua Dried Mushroom. All of this is for a sale price of RM 588.00.

Check out more of their Chinese New Year Collection here.

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year Gift Hamper

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur welcomes the New Year with a roar of flavors and festive gifts. Yun House Restaurant is preparing to take you on a culinary adventure featuring their Chinese New Year Gift Hampers, boasting an array of gifts perfect for the holiday.

The Yun House Restaurant has three CNY hampers, and their most expensive one is the Fortuity Set, priced at RM 2588+. Prosper and conquer the year with Chinese New Year goodies, including a Bruno Paillard Brut Millésimé Assemblage (2008), 5H Abalone, Red Date Emperor, Dried Scallop, Homemade Cookies, Walnut Puff, Pineapple Tart, Chef Jimmy’s Chili Oil, and more!

Contact Yun House Restaurant at +603 2382 8888 for inquiries.


LVLY Malaysia Chinese New Year Hampers

Looking to make this Chinese New Year truly special? LVLY Malaysia has your back with its irresistible CNY hampers that guarantee smiles. Packed to the brim with delectable treats like Merlot, candles, chocolates, and even tempe chips, their hampers are curated with love and thoughtfulness. It’s the perfect way to show you care.

What sets them apart? Beyond the scrumptious goodies, their hampers come in reusable LVLY flower jars, adding a touch of luxury. Do not worry about timely delivery – they offer same-day service across Kuala Lumpur. From simple to premium, their diverse range ensures something for everyone.

Just order before the cutoff time; they’ll handle the rest, delivering your wishes right to your family and friend’s doorstep.

Send a LVLY MY hamper today and spread prosperity and joy. Don’t miss out – order now for same-day delivery throughout Kuala Lumpur. Cheers to a LVLY celebration!

For more information and inquiries, contact +60392121051 or email [email protected].

Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp Chinese New Year Hampers

Looking for the best budget-friendly Chinese New Year Gift Hampers? Flower Chimp’s got your back! And the best part is they offer seamless and same-day delivery to ensure your gift reaches your loved ones safely.

Flower Chimp can create the perfect ensemble of colors with flowers that are traditionally associated with Chinese New Year. They have various popular options, such as Peonies to symbolize prosperity, Chrysanthemums for longevity, Orchids to represent wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, and Narcissus or daffodils for prosperity and good fortune.

These are some of the most popular flowers to include in a flower arrangement or bouquet, great for gift giving in Chinese New Year. Of course, you can’t forget the traditional Mandarin Oranges so you can bring good luck and prosperity right at your loved ones’ doorstep.

Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year Hampers

Happy, prosperous year to everyone from Eu Yan Sang! Browse their shop for the best Chinese New Year goodies featuring the Year of the Dragon Hot Series. Welcome the new year with abundance and blessings with Eu Yan Sang’s CNY gift hampers, great for every occasion. They offer gift hampers specially curated for family reunions, heartfelt gratitude, business honor, and more.

Surprise your loved ones with Chinese New Year items that bring good luck, wealth, longevity, good health, and prosperity. Enjoy goodies including Crispy jujube, An Shen Tea, Prosperity Abalone, Red Wine, HUA YAN™ Bird’s Nest, etc.

Their CNY Gift Hampers start from RM 98.00 up to RM 32,888.

Granny Doris

Granny Doris’ Chinese New Year Hamper - Fruitful New Year Fruit Box

Usher in the Year of the Dragon with Granny Doris’ Chinese New Year Hampers and Gift Boxes. Granny Doris is ready to elevate the Lunar New Year’s celebration with their festive gift hampers and blooming flower and fruit baskets.

Their most expensive gift hamper, the Oriental Fortune CNY Hamper, is perfect for inviting prosperity and joy to the occasion. It consists of specially curated items such as Wolf Blass Bilyara red wine, Premium sparkling red grapes juice, Kinohimitsu chicken essence, Kinohimitsu instant bird’s nest, Golden salted egg pineapple tarts, Almond peanut nyonya kapit, Chicken floss kapit, Braised abalone, and Golden Chocolate Yuan Bao.

Welcome to a fruitful year with Granny Doris’ Mandarin Orange Basket and Fruit Box. Feel the festive spirit with abundant fruits with the Fruitful New Year Fruit Box featuring fresh harvests. This fruit box includes Yellow pitaya, White peach, Sugar plum, US cherry, US strawberry, Australia mango, Avocado, Korean pear, and Seedless grapes, all for RM 299.00.

Have questions or inquiries? Contact +603-74993929 or email [email protected].

Hello Joy

Hello Joy Chinese New Year Signature Hamper

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Hello Joy’s CNY Gifts & Hampers. They offer hampers for every budget, with prices starting from RM 68.00 up to RM 388.00. 

Usher the New Year with bountiful gifts from their CNY Signature Hamper featuring festive items: a Bottle of Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng & Shou Di, a Bottle of Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar, a Bottle of Eu Yan Sang VINIGEN Apple Vinegar, Braised Premium Abalone, Jar of Pistachio, Pack of Superior Red Dates, and Pack of High-Grade White Mushrooms.

Manifest rising fortune and wealth with Hello Joy’s Dragon’s Bucket of Wealth with New Year items like Mei Hua Superior Braised Abalone, Jungle House Honeycomb, 1 Jar of Pineapple Ball, Jar of Dried Shrimp Roll, Flower Tea Sachets In Gold Prosperity Pouch, It’s Yen Bird Nest Drink, Zhang Village Sakima, and Joyful Marshmallows.

Browse their shop here and pre-order now! Delivery starts after 18 January 2024. For inquiries whatsapp/call +6017-206 5707 or email them at [email protected].

Bow and Ribbons

Bow and Ribbons Chinese New Year 2024 Collection

Wishing for luck, prosperity, and good fortune? Wish them all here with Bow and Ribbons CNY 2024 Collection. Launching along with the Year of the Dragon, the Bow and Ribbons premium collection is inspired by oriental charm.

Make your mark as a thoughtful gift giver and give your loved ones one of their hampers. Their hampers include a perfect ensemble of CNY offerings from Pineapple Tarts, Peanut Barley Candies, and Red Date Goji Berry Tea to festive delights like Premium Braised Abalone and Bird’s Nest. 

The Bow and Ribbons gift hampers range from RM 88.00 to RM 388.00. They’re on sale now! Pre-order in advance here. Contact them here if you have any more questions or inquiries.

Monster Gifts and Hampers 

Monster Gifts and Hampers Chinese New Year Hamper

Personalize your gifts with Monster Gifts and Hampers! Chinese New Year is a special time for families to gather and reconnect. Show gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones with CNY gifts and hampers made special by Monster Gifts and Hampers.

They offer a variety of CNY hampers, including the Basket of Abundance infused with festive items such as 30 pcs Ferrero Rocher, CNY Home-baked Cookies, CNY Dried Fruits / Mixed Nuts, Assorted CNY Snacks, CNY Angpow, etc. This basket sells for RM268/set.

How about the Dragon-themed Prosperity Box to spruce up the Lunar New Year? Enjoy items like a bottle of 480ml Bubba Bee Raw Honey, 6pcs of Auspicious Mandarin Oranges, 30 pcs Ferrero Rocher, a box of Assorted CNY Snack, and more.

Discover more surprises from Monster Gifts and Hampers this Chinese New Year and contact them at +60 11-3327 2865 or email [email protected] for inquiries.


Nurhampers Chinese New Year Hamper - Plentiful Harvest

Greet the New Year with exciting applause and cheerful hellos as you celebrate with friends and family. For 2024, Year of the Dragon Nurhampers has prepared a premium selection of Chinese New Year Gifts to celebrate the holidays.

Their specially hand-picked gifts call for treasured recipients to beckon the New Year with good luck and prosperity. Choose between Nurhampers below RM 200, RM 300, and RM 300 and above CNY gifts.

Enjoy various Chinese New Year products, including Alfredo Dark & Milk Chocolate, Chrysanthemum Tea, Traditional Pineapple Roll Tart, Birds Nest American Ginseng, and more. No matter the cost, you can’t put a price on thoughtful gestures. They also have Flowers and Oranges Gifts and Prosperity Fruit Baskets for a touch of good luck and good fortune.

Keep the Chinese New Year tradition alive with Nurhampers CNY Gifts, with prices ranging from RM 118.00 to RM 1,288.00. Check out their exquisite Chinese New Year 2024 collection here.

Final Words About Gift Hamper Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year, make your wishes count with the 12 Best Chinese New Year Gift Hamper Ideas in Kuala Lumpur for 2024. From the delectable offerings of Eat Cake Today to the luxurious options at Four Seasons Hotel, each hamper perfectly embodies prosperity and joy.

Flower Chimp brings budget-friendly yet elegant choices, while Granny Doris elevates the celebration with Mandarin Orange Baskets and Fruit Boxes.

Hello Joy and Bow and Ribbons present thoughtful collections, and Monster Gifts and Hampers add a personal touch to your gifts. Nurhampers, inspired by the Year of the Dragon, brings a premium selection to usher in good luck and prosperity. Whatever your choice, these gift hampers ensure a joyful and auspicious start to the Lunar New Year.

Cheers to a prosperous 2024!

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