5 Car Essentials for Road Trips in Malaysia

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Getting ready to hit the road for your weekend trip or family vacation?

Trapo Malaysia, a leading innovator in car care and comfort solutions, is here to equip you with car essentials for road trips; a smooth and enjoyable journey guaranteed. This article will guide you through the must-have items for your road trip, featuring top picks from Trapo Malaysia.

We’ll explore how their products can enhance you and your family’s comfort and overall travel experience. So, buckle up, get your playlist ready, and let’s dive into the essentials that will make your road trip unforgettable!

TRAPO Flexgrip Car Tablet Holder

Trapo Malaysia - Flexgrip Tablet Holder

Watch movies, listen to audiobooks, and play music hands-free with the TRAPO Flexgrip Car Tablet Holder.

This versatile tablet holder is one of our most recommended car essentials, especially if you’re traveling with kids who need hours of entertainment during road trips.

It can fit various tablet sizes, and its expandable and rotatable arms are adjustable to achieve your desired viewing angle. You don’t have to worry about your kids dropping or breaking their device because the Flexigrip Car Tablet Holder will hold it secure for them.

Designed with durability and long-lasting usage, you can take this tablet holder on any family trip!

TRAPO Antibac Car Spray

Trapo Malaysia AntiBac Car Spray

Tired of using car air fresheners that turn bad after a few uses?

Time to throw those away and invest in something better! The TRAPO Antibac Car Spray solves two car problems at once because it kills 99.99% of bacteria and leaves your car smelling fresh and clean.

The most common culprits of awful smells in cars are bacteria and mold. This antibac car spray uses Japanese technology to help eliminate bacteria and mold that produce a foul odor and prevent the growth of germs and fungi. It’s a one-time-use spray, and the effects are guaranteed to last a month!

TRAPO Air Purifier Classic

Trapo Malaysia - Air Purifier

If you’re always traveling and often use your car, you might as well make your car your second home and make sure it’s always clean and safe.

The TRAPO Air Purifier Classic fights off 99.95% of air pollutants and airborne particles, such as pollen, bacteria, and germs.

Its Motion Sensing Air Purifier uses a HEPA 13 filter to remove stubborn air pollutants and allergens, keeping you and your family safe during car rides.

You can spend long hours in your car without worrying about contaminated air penetrating the environment.

TRAPO 3-in-1 Cable Charger

Trapo Malaysia - 3 in 1 Charging Cable

Keep this handy TRAPO 3-in-1 Cable Charger in your car at all times so you’ll always have a backup charger for emergencies. Its 3-in-1 interchangeable connector heads allow seamless USB-C, Lightning, or Micro-USB data transfer of up to 480Mbps.

Additionally, the TRAPO 3-in-1 Cable Charge is certified by Apple, and is entirely safe to use with Apple products. The cable is made from braided aluminum polyester, making it durable, wear and tear-resistant, and long-lasting.

If you have a struggle with having to untangle multiple cables, you won’t have the same problem with this one because it’s easier to keep organized with the interchangeable connector heads in one cable. W

ith TRAPO’s cable charger, there’s no risk of overcharging because it has phone overcharge protection, meaning it stops charging as soon as your device reaches 100%.

Car Mats

Trapo Malaysia - Car Mats

Keep a spare car mat if you’re traveling with kids (or adults) who get car sick when traveling through tricky or windy roads. A spare mat can be handy for planning a weekend getaway or a day trip to destinations like Genting Highlands.

With its anti-bacterial and odor-absorbing feature, these TRAPO Car Mats can reduce bad smells. Just use water to rinse the mat to keep it clean and effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria.

This new model is 3x more durable than their previous models and can stand the test of time.

TRAPO Malaysia’s Car Essentials for Road Trips

Gearing up for a road trip with the family or a weekend getaway to or from Kuala Lumpur just got a lot smoother with Trapo Malaysia’s top-notch car essentials.

Trapo Malaysia - Flexgrip Car Tablet Holder

From the versatile Flexgrip Car Tablet Holder ensuring endless entertainment for the kids to the Antibac Car Spray eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors, Trapo has your comfort covered. The Air Purifier Classic guarantees a clean and safe environment by battling air pollutants, while the 3-in-1 Cable Charger keeps your devices charged. Remember the importance of spare Car Mats, especially for those unpredictable moments.

With Trapo’s innovative solutions, your road trip is set to be unforgettable, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for every member of the family.

Buckle up and hit the road with confidence, Trapo has you covered every mile of the way!

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