Exploring Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur: A Sweet Review

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Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur life sized lollypops

Are you looking for a fun family activity this holiday season? We just visited Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur and had a blast. Read all about Candyland Carnival in Kuala Lumpur and our experience in this blog.

If you’re up for a sugar-coated journey, Candyland Carnival in Tropicana Gardens Mall in Damansara, is the place to be. Picture this: a crazy mix of candy and carnival-inspired art that throws you into a world of colors, interactive stuff, and just pure childhood fun. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s like stepping into a candy-coated dream for everyone!

While we aim to share all the information you need to plan for your trip, this blog post will be less text and more photos as just words don’t do the colorful experience justice.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur Instagrammable spot

Where is Candyland Carnival in Kuala Lumpur?

Right in the heart of Damansara, KL, Tropicana Gardens Mall is where the Candyland Carnival action is going down. Trust me, the mall’s vibe totally matches the carnival’s craziness, making it the perfect spot for some sweet escapades.

Candyland Carnival is located at Tropicana Gardens Mall, nestled in the heart of Damansara, Kuala Lumpur:

Address: 2A, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Website: https://woweventasia.com/candyland-carnival

What Are The Opening Hours of Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur?

First of all, you should know that this is not another indoor playground that’s here to stay. It’s a temporary exhibition in Tropicana Gardens Mall’s convention center.

From November 17, 2023, to January 21, 2024 Candyland Carnival welcomes visitors daily. The doors swing open at 10:00 am and close at 8:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, while on Fridays through Sundays, the carnival extends its hours until 10:00 pm. Be prepared for longer queues on weekends, so it’s wise to secure your tickets online in advance. Note that operational hours may be subject to change at the organizer’s discretion.

Click here to book your tickets.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur game display where visitors have to throw balls in the cones to win a prize

How Much is the Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur Entrance Fee? 

Regular tickets are RM 49 a pop, and yes, your little ones aged 3 and up need a ticket too. If you’re a student flashing a legit ID or a wise senior aged 65+, you get in for RM 42.00. Squads, there’s a family ticket for 4 at RM 200. And for the true Candyland addicts, there’s the Season Pass at RM 168 per person. This bad boy gets you unlimited entries on weekdays, plus the golden ticket to skip lines. Quick heads up, though – if you roll with the Season Pass, make sure to carry the purchaser’s IC to the entry gate. No IC, no candyland adventures.

Regular Tickets: RM 49 per person (Children aged 3 and older require a ticket.)

Concession Tickets: RM 42.00 for students (with valid ID) and senior citizens (65+).

Family Tickets: 4-pax family ticket for RM 200

Season Pass: RM 168 per person. This pass gets you unlimited entries on weekdays, plus the golden ticket to skip lines. Quick heads up, though – if you use the Season Pass, make sure to carry the purchaser’s IC to the entry gate. No IC, no Candyland adventures.

Click here to book your tickets.

A whimsical play area adorned with adorable big bears on the wall at Candyland Carnival in Kuala Lumpur.

Our Candyland Diary: A Crazy Fun Day Out!

We decided to kick off our Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur adventure early, so we arrived at 10 am to beat the crowds. The strategy paid off: no lines, no fuss. Purchasing our tickets online through Klook allowed us to skip any potential queues at the entrance. As a bonus, we received a fun game and a RM5 ticket to use at the carnival.

The game, a sticker card, added an extra layer of fun. We sticked the candy stickers on the card while we were there and had to show the card to the ticket counter after our visit to claim our small present. However, you can also take the card and stickers home and still claim your present.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur Sticker Card

The RM5 ticket, usable at the carnival, ensured we had a little extra to enhance our experience (more about that later). Additional tickets could also be purchased on-site.

Stepping into Candyland Carnival was like entering a sensory wonderland. When the gates opened we entered a colorful sensory tram that led us to the first room, filled with vibrant candy props.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur Sensory Tram

The interactive elements were a blast, from a slide to a huge screen where standing on a sticker made a marshmallow appear, mirroring our every move.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur colorful props

The journey continued to the maker factory, where reality and fantasy blended seamlessly. Interactive games allowed us to engage with motion-sensitive installations.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur Interactive games

The carnival games area tested our skills, offering the chance to win exciting prizes with classic games like ring toss and goblet.

Attendees at the Candyland Carnival in Kuala Lumpur marvel as a man and child try to throw rings over candy canes.
Candyland Carnival goblet game where visitors have to try and throw bags inside the donuts.
A Candyland Carnival game in Kuala Lumpur.

Our adventure concluded in the candy lumiere DIY section. Here, kids could unleash their creativity, coloring a page that, when scanned by the staff, brought their creation to life on the screen. In our case, a candy car emerged, adding a personalized touch to our Candyland experience.

Candyland Carnival Kuala Lumpur coloring activity

Final Words About Candyland Carnival

In reflection, our time at Candyland Carnival was nothing short of fun. The life-sized lollipops and vibrant props created a visually stunning environment, while the games added an extra layer of enjoyment. Although we spent only a little over an hour, we recommend allocating up to two hours, especially during busier times, to savor every moment of this sweet escapade.

Click here to book your tickets.

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