Peace of Mind Guaranteed: Discover the Best Travel Insurance for Malaysia

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Do I need travel insurance for Malaysia in 2023? Although it’s not mandatory, buying travel insurance is always a good idea. Here’s why.

Are you traveling to Malaysia soon? That’s awesome! But wait, do you have the right travel insurance for Malaysia to protect your trip? In this blog, we’ll talk about all travel insurance and why you should always have one for your trip.

Getting travel insurance before planning your trip to Malaysia is a smart investment you won’t regret. If anything doesn’t go as planned, you’d be glad to have the best travel insurance for Malaysia as a backup.

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What Is Travel Insurance?

The purpose of travel insurance is to cover unpredicted losses that happen while you’re traveling. It protects you from small risks like lost or damaged luggage to serious issues, including accidents and injuries leading to medical treatment.

No matter how much you plan for your trip, you can still run into some problems. Issues like canceled flights or medical illness that occur while you’re traveling is a headache to deal with financially.

Having travel insurance will prevent you from paying for these unwanted costs and lets you enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Although it is not mandatory to have travel insurance to enter Malaysia, it is highly recommended. Additionally, there’s still the possibility of COVID-19 infections even if fully vaccinated. Travel insurance can provide covid-19 coverage as well as coverage for unexpected accidents and help with financial losses.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Travel insurance provides financial protection and assistance in case covered medical emergencies or unforeseeable events happen while traveling.

First, you’ll need to file a claim with proof or supporting documents for the covered event you claim for to the insurance company. Once they verify your claim, the insurance company will reimburse you for the financial loss depending on the travel insurance policy.

When does travel insurance start?

The start of your travel insurance depends on the policy you purchase. Some travel insurance policies start on the day of your purchase, while some start on the day you leave for your trip.

That’s why it’s very important to time your purchase. Most of all, read and understand the terms and conditions of your policy first so you know when your coverage will begin.

Here are some examples of when travel insurance can start:

  • Immediately: For some travel insurance, your coverage starts as soon as the day of your purchase. If you buy travel insurance today, and suddenly get sick tomorrow, your medical expenses will be covered.
  • On the day you leave: Some can start on the day you leave for your trip. Let’s say you purchased travel insurance today and your trip is not until next week. That means you won’t be covered for any events between today until the day before you leave for the trip.
  • After a waiting period: Others have a waiting period before they start. Meaning, you’ll have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can be covered. For example, a policy has a 14-day waiting period, which means that you would not be covered for any events that happen during the first 14 days after you purchase the policy.

PRO TIP: The best time to buy travel insurance is ALWAYS BEFORE your trip. Don’t make the mistake of buying travel insurance after a medical emergency has already happened.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance mostly covers the following specific events:

1. Accidental death and dismemberment

Travel insurance covers accidental death or losing a limb during an accident while traveling. In that event, your named beneficiary will receive financial assistance or benefits to cover your sudden death or dismemberment.

2. Medical emergency evacuation and repatriation

In the event of a serious illness or injury wherein you must be taken immediately to the nearest hospital, your travel insurance will cover the emergency medical evacuation costs. The transport costs will be covered if you need to be transported to another hospital via helicopter or your home country.

3. Medical expenses due to accident or injury

Travel insurance will cover your medical expenses if you get hospitalized due to an injury or illness during your travel. Since most health insurance doesn’t cover medical expenses from a foreign country, having travel insurance is a wise decision when traveling.

4. Lost or delayed luggage

Having lost, damaged, or delayed luggage is such a bummer! Especially when the purpose of your travel is to relax and unwind, then this happens. It’s a good thing that travel insurance reimburses the cost of your luggage, including its contents, should it be lost, damaged, or stolen. Depending on the policy, delayed luggage, often caused by flight delays and short transit times, has a certain number of hours to get coverage, usually six to 24 hours.

5. Last-minute trip cancellation

Need to cancel your trip because of an unforeseen illness or family emergency that happened before your trip? Unfortunately, most prepaid travel expenses like airfare, hotels, or ticket events are non-refundable. By getting a comprehensive plan for travel insurance, you can get a reimbursement for your travel expenses for a covered event.

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover?

Aside from knowing what travel insurance covers, you should also know its exclusions:

1. Pre-existing medical conditions

The most common exclusion is pre-existing medical conditions. Travel insurance will not cover medical expenses for pre-existing medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, and blood pressure.

2. Suicide or self-injury

Any medical expenses that involve attempted suicide or self-harm are not covered by travel insurance.

If you suffer from suicidal tendencies or self-harm, please call a suicide helpline. Befrienders Kuala Lumpur offers a free 24-hour helpline for those seeking emotional support. They also have outreach programs for people suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. Reach out to them at 03-76272929 or

3. Dangerous activities

Suppose you’re traveling to another country to go skydiving, bungee jumping, or other high-risk and dangerous activities. In that case, your travel insurance will not cover the cost of any injuries caused by such extreme sports.

4. War, terrorism, civil unrest

Travel insurance also does not cover any losses related to war, terrorism, or civil unrest in the destination country.

5. Involvement of drugs or alcohol

Your travel insurance will not reimburse you for any injury or personal accident while you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Pregnancy

Complications caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or miscarriage are not covered by travel insurance. Although, some insurance providers will cover miscarriage treatment caused by an accident. If you are a pregnant woman with travel plans, make sure to read the fine print of your travel insurance coverage. 

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost in Malaysia?

The price of travel insurance in Malaysia depends on several factors, such as age, number of policyholders, coverage amount, duration of stay, and destination. Most insurance companies also offer individual or travel insurance plans.

You can also expect increased travel insurance costs if you want to add more benefits. Always determine what type of insurance you’ll need first and which is best for your travel.

One thing’s for sure, though, if you can afford to travel, you can afford travel insurance.

How to Save Money on Travel Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, travel insurance is actually less expensive than you thought. As mentioned, it depends on several factors and the policy. But, the average cost of travel insurance is 5 to 6% of your total trip cost.

Here are effective tips on how to save money on travel insurance:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy travel insurance

You can purchase travel insurance as early as a month before your trip. So why wait? The best part is if your policy gives you immediate coverage, you’ll be covered for longer. That means you can make a claim for unexpected covered events that may happen before your tip. More bang for your buck, right?

2. Look for discounts

Speaking of making an early purchase to get travel insurance. Some insurers offer a discount for early purchases, so take advantage of it while you can!

They also offer discounts for certain things like being a student, being a member of a specific organization, or booking from a particular travel agent. Senior citizens may also benefit from special discounts. Always research and ask about any discounts that may be available to you.

3. Compare policies to find the best one for you

You can find many travel insurance providers out there, so look around and compare policies before you buy one. Do your research online and compare which will give you the best deal for your travel.

You can check if you have a credit card with built-in travel insurance as this is a common feature of some credit cards these days. In this case, you’re covered for travel delay, healthcare costs, and petty crime, which is great if you already use that card for everyday purchases. Make sure to check the basic plan coverage of your credit card travel insurance as it may be different depending on the provider. 

4. Try booking online

Some insurers offer cheaper policies online. Just make sure they are authorized and reputable.

If you book with an insurer you already have a policy with, you might have access to a multiple-policy discount. You can check if your existing car, house, or health insurers offer travel insurance.

5. Consider your needs

When buying travel insurance, consider what you need the most for your trip so you can purchase one according to your budget. What’s your number one concern as a traveler? If you’re going for an overseas trip with family, a family travel insurance plan might be the best travel insurance plan. Once you’ve established what you need, you can shop around for the best policy that works for you.

TIP: When booking flight tickets, hotels, and even excursions, always check the cancellation policy. The cheapest rates are often nonrefundable, but for a slightly higher price you’re able to cancel or change your booking until the last moment. 

How to Choose a Travel Insurance Plan: 4 Things to Consider

Don’t know where to start when buying travel insurance? We’re here to help you! Here are four things you need to consider when purchasing travel insurance for Malaysia.

1. Trip Duration – Single Trip vs. Annual Policy

If you only travel once or twice a year, single-trip travel insurance is the ideal policy for you! This policy will cover you for each trip for the duration of your travel. The cost for this travel insurance can vary depending on your return trip duration from 1-5 consecutive days, 6- 10 days, or up to 30 days.

However, an annual plan saves you more costs if you are travel often on a business trip due to work.

2. Destination – Domestic or Overseas

Overseas travel is more expensive than domestic travel, as you can expect. The cost of healthcare in your destination can also affect the price of travel insurance.

In Malaysia, Domestic Travel Insurance for Malaysian citizen already covers both Peninsular and East Malaysia. Meanwhile, the coverage for International Travel Insurance is divided by region. The more countries they cover, the more expensive the travel insurance.

3. Number of Insured Persons – Individual or Family

Are you a solo traveler or traveling with family? Family travel insurance plans are more expensive than individual travel insurance. But it beats buying individual travel insurance for all immediate family members. A family package travel insurance will cover you, your legal spouse, and your children.

4. Coverage & Exclusions – What is Covered and Not Covered?

Make sure you read and understand the travel insurance policy so you are clear on its coverage and exclusions. This is very important so you know which events you’re most worried about are covered. If you want to get the most extensive coverage and are willing to pay a higher premium, opt for a policy with more comprehensive coverage.

Best Travel Insurance for Malaysia

You’re making the right choice by making Malaysia your next vacation destination! There’s so much culture to explore, iconic landmarks and attractions to visit, and public holidays to experience in Malaysia.

Don’t let unexpected events like unforeseen medical expenses, trip cancellations, and lost luggage spoil your fun! If you plan a trip to Malaysia, you’d want to be protected from these unwanted situations.

The solution is getting the best travel insurance that meets your needs. Based on Ringgit Plus, the best travel insurance for Malaysia in 2023 are:

RankTravel Insurance Product
1Allianz Travel Care
2Etiqa TripCare 360 Takaful Gold
3AIG Travel Guard Deluxe
4Tune Protect Travel Easy
5Tokio Marine Travel Partner
6AXA Affin Smart Traveller Plan VIP
7MSIG TravelRight Plus Plan 1
8MSIG TravelRight Plus Plan 2
9SOMPO Travel Plus Elite
10Zurich TravelPAC Gold Plan

Ringgit Plus ranked the following travel insurance products based on the three common travel inconveniences and coverage ideals. Read more about this comprehensive guide to buying travel insurance online here.

Why You Should Always Get Travel Insurance – Conclusion

Why should you get travel insurance for visiting Malaysia? One word. Protection.

While traveling to new places and discovering different cultures are exciting, there’s always the possibility of running into unexpected events. Getting travel insurance is a good idea and perhaps even the wisest investment you can make because you’ll be protected against certain risks. As frequent travellers, these risk factors commonly include medical care in case of unforeseen circumstances, lost luggage, lost personal belongings, or trip cancellations.

Before you set off on your next adventure, take a moment to explore the various travel insurance and medical insurance options available to you. It’s a small step that can make a difference, ensuring that your journey remains a positive and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

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