The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best SIM Card in Malaysia for Internet (2024)

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Sim card purchase counters at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Are you wondering what is the best sim card in Malaysia for internet? Or are you looking for a Malaysia tourist sim card comparison? You’ve come to the right place! 

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur With Kids, your go-to source for the best family-friendly adventures in Kuala Lumpur. With all the fun activities to do in Malaysia’s vibrant capital, it’s important for families visiting or residing in Kuala Lumpur to stay connected. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need about the benefits of having a Malaysia sim card for tourist and the best prepaid sim card in Malaysia options for your family’s trip to Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the country.

Read on for the best tips about buying a prepaid sim cards in Malaysia!

Celcom, TuneTalk, and Maxis SIM card sale in the arrival hall of KLIA Terminal 1

Why Buy a Prepaid SIM Card for Malaysia?

Buying a local sim card when traveling to a foreign place is always a good decision. Aside from it helps you stay connected to your friends or family while exploring the city, it also helps with convenience and flexibility. How? Find out here.

Here are the benefits if you buy prepaid sim card in Malaysia: 

  • Ease of use for local services: A local phone number is helpful, especially if you want to use local services like Grab for ride-hailing services, online food deliveries, or online banking. You can also setup Grab with your foreign number, click here for our ultimate guide to using the Grab app

  • Affordable data plans: While Malaysia has readily available free Wi-Fi services, having data packages can be a good backup if you don’t have access to free wifi. The best part is that many sim cards for tourist in Malaysia have affordable local calls, text messages, and data usage plans.

  • Saves cost: International roaming charges can be expensive. This is why we highly recommend getting a Malaysia sim card, as it’s more cost-effective since you do not have to pay expensive roaming charges. In addition, prepaid sim cards in Malaysia are affordable, and you’re sure to get your money’s worth with its convenience.

  • Better network coverage: An obvious reason for buying a Malaysian sim card is you get better network coverage to most international roaming networks. You’ll experience a much more reliable data service, especially when traveling to rural areas in the country.

  • Stay connected: With a Malaysia sim card, you’ll have an easier time staying connected with your loved ones while enjoying your trip to Malaysia. You can also easily use local services like checking Google Maps, looking up opening hours of restaurants and attractions, reading reviews, or checking Kuala Lumpur with Kids for things to do in Kuala Lumpur.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Prepaid Sim Card in Malaysia

Before we tell you our picks for the best sim cards for tourists in Malaysia, it’s important to discuss options. Malaysia offers eSIM and physical SIM cards, each with advantages depending on your preference.

What is a physical sim card?  

Physical SIM Cards are the traditional SIM cards we all know. These are the ones that we insert on the SIM card slot on our phones that come with a designated mobile number that we can use for calls and data services. Physical SIM cards in Malaysia come in two types: prepaid local SIM cards and tourist SIM cards, and they’re both available at Malaysian airports or convenience stores.

What is an e-sim card or a virtual sim card? 

Meanwhile, e sim cards, known as embedded sim cards, are completely digital and can be purchased online. It works just like a physical sim card but without the physical aspect of it, as it’s already built-in on the phone. eSIM cards have many benefits, including you don’t have to keep swapping out your SIM card just to switch to a different network provider. Also, it allows you to have multiple active mobile plans, making it more convenient and easy to stay connected.

Physical Sim Cards for Malaysia

Now that you know the two types of SIM cards in Malaysia, here are some of the best value tourist sim cards for mobile operators.

1. Digi Sim Card Malaysia 

Get 30GB of data and unlimited calls with the DiGi 4G SIM Card. It has a 30-day availability, so it’s perfect for a whole family trip to Malaysia, and it supports hotspot sharing so everyone can stay connected at the same time. Buy your DiGi 4G SIM here for RM 25.00 (appr $7.44). You can pick up the SIM card at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), Arrival Hall Level 2, DIGI Counter (No. L2-140).

2. Celcom Sim Card Malaysia

Planning on a week or month-long trip to Malaysia? This 4G/5G SIM card from Cellcom is perfect for those who plan to stay long in Malaysia. Take advantage of the unlimited data and calls and choose from 7- or 30-day validity to get the most out of your trip to Malaysia. It also has hotspot sharing and 4G/5G internet speed, so you and your family can stay connected without hassle. Package starts at RM 30.00 or $6.37 for 7 days validity or RM 55.00 or $11.69 for the 30-day plan.

3. Tune Sim Card Malaysia

Tune Talk 4G SIM Card has got you covered for your data needs! Enjoy 15GB or 35 GB of data, valid for 15 to 30 days. It’s available countrywide, with pick-up points from East or West Malaysia. Its fast service can take you anywhere from Malaysia’s lively capital city, Kuala Lumpur, to the majestic mountains of Kelabit Highlands. The Tune Talk 4G SIM Card starts at RM 25.00 or $5.31 for 15GB with 15 days validity and RM 35.00 or $7.43 for 35GB with 30 days validity.

The Best eSIM cards for Malaysia

4. eSIM for Malaysia by Airalo

Our family’s favorite eSIM provider is Airalo. It makes planning your family trip to Malaysia (or any country) a whole lot easier with their easy to setup eSIM. Here’s a simple guide to keep you connected with ease:

  1. Download the Airalo App: First things first, grab your phone and download the Airalo app. It’s super user-friendly.
  2. Choose Your Destination and Package: Next up, select Malaysia as your destination in the app. You’ll find a variety of affordable data plans – like 2.5GB for 5 days or 5GB for 10 days, starting at just RM 31.39 or $6.67. Pick the one that fits your family’s needs, whether you’re staying for a short break or a longer holiday.
  3. Install Your eSIM: Now, for the exciting part! Installing your eSIM is just a few taps away. It’s so easy that it almost feels like a magic trick. Simply follow the instructions in the app.
  4. Activate Your eSIM: Lastly, activate your eSIM and you’re all set to explore Malaysia with a reliable internet connection. Share your family’s fun moments, navigate new places, and find kid-friendly spots with ease.

With Airalo’s eSIM, you can skip the long queues for physical SIM cards and get straight to the fun part of your trip. It’s perfect for keeping the whole family connected and safe on your travels. So, pack your bags, download Airalo, and get ready for an amazing family adventure in Malaysia!

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5. eSIM for Malaysia by DiGi

You can also get this eSIM for Malaysia by DiGi instead. Get immediate access upon purchase and activate your data plan via email. You can get 2.5GB of data valid for 5 days or 5GB of data for 10 days, starting at RM 31.39 or $6.67. Just make sure your mobile device is eSIM compatible and follow these steps to set up your eSIM: Go to Settings > Tap Cellular/ Mobile Data > Tap Add Cellular/ Mobile Plan > Scan the QR code provided in the email.

6. eSIM for Asia

Have a seamless trip to Asia with this eSIM for Asia to get access to the best local services. Covered areas include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Macau. They have 3 to 15 days of SIM card validity you can choose depending on the duration of your trip. You can get a 500MB/day or 1GB/day data package, prices range from RM 31.59 or $6.71 up to RM 121.30 or $25.76. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive your activation QR code and instructions within one day. Set up your eSIM by following these steps: Go to Settings > Tap Cellular/ Mobile Data > Tap Add Cellular/ Mobile Plan > Scan the below/ attached QR code or enter details manually.

Where to Buy SIM Card in Malaysia

Malaysian SIM Cards are easily accessible in airports, official mobile networks stores, convenience stores, malls, and bus stations. You can also buy them online on sites like for physical and eSIMs. Or, you can buy your Airalo eSIM directly from the operator.

Click here to buy your eSIM card online.

You can buy a SIM voucher online and redeem it at the pick-up location or get an eSIM for immediate access. For eSIMs, when you get to Malaysia, it will automatically connect to the local networks, which now allows you to use local services and apps, connect with your family, and browse the internet.

Best Sim Card in Malaysia for Internet pickup booth at KLIA
People Buying a Malaysia SIM Card for Internet upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

A friendly traveler note: When buying or picking up physical SIM cards, you must present your passport or an ID as part of the legal requirements. Airport stores will even ask for your fingerprint sometimes. Once everything is confirmed, they will register the SIM card to your name to activate it, and voila! Just insert the SIM Card into your phone and enjoy the data services.

Malaysia Travel Sim Card Comparison

Check out the travel sim card Malaysia comparison table below. However, note that the Malaysia sim card price may have changed since we updated this article in January 2024, so please check the website for the latest price.

ProviderPickupPriceDataCalls & SMSValidity
Digi Sim Card Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), Arrival Hall Level 2, DIGI Counter (No. L2-140)RM 25.0030GBUnlimited calls30 days
Celcom Sim Card MalaysiaKLIA2RM 30.00 (7 days) or RM 55.00 (30 days)UnlimitedUnlimited calls7 or 30 days
Tune Sim Card MalaysiaEverywhere in MalaysiaRM 25.00 for 15GB (15 days) and RM 35.00 for 35GB (30 days)15GB or 35 GB
Local and international calls and SMS
15 to 30 days
eSIM for Malaysia by AiraloOnlineStarts at RM 21.00 for 1 GB (7 days) and RM 37.00 for 2 GB (15 days)From 1 GB to 20 GBNot included1 day to 30 days
eSIM for Malaysia by DiGiOnlineStarts at RM 31.392.5GB or 5GBNot included5 or 10 days
eSIM for AsiaOnlineStarts RM 31.59 up to RM 121.30500MB/day or 1GB/dayNot included3 to 15 days
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Best 4G/5G Network in Malaysia

The 4G/5G coverage in Malaysia is excellent. We highly recommend using 4G/5G rather than connecting to Public Wi-Fi because it’s more reliable and has better coverage.

To get the best coverage of 4G/5G network in Malaysia, we recommend DiGi prepaid sim card Malaysia and Celcom 4g sim card Malaysia for the fastest overall internet speed in Malaysia. According to this 2023 report, Celcom wins first place for having the fastest Download and Upload Speed Experience.

Meanwhile, DiGi is at the top for 5G Download Speed, scoring 440.7Mbps. And for 5G Download Speed, DiGi, U Mobile, and Celcom are tied between a score of 42.8-44.3Mbps.

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Malaysia and Best Esims in 2024

Be prepared for your trip to Malaysia with our top recommendations for a prepaid Malaysia SIM card to keep you connected and hassle-free.

Digi’s 4G SIM Card offers 30GB of data, unlimited calls, and a 30-day validity for RM 25.00 or $7.44, making it ideal for family trips. Cellcard’s 4G/5G SIM Card is perfect for longer stays, starting at RM 30.00 or $6.37 for 7 days, providing unlimited data, calls, and hotspot sharing. Meanwhile, Tune Talk’s 4G SIM card is perfect for any trip to Malaysia (East Malaysia or Peninsular Malaysia), with 15GB or 35GB data for 15 to 30 days.

If you prefer the convenience of eSIM, this eSIM for Malaysia offers options like 2.5GB for 5 days at RM 31.39 or $6.67, with activation via email. For extensive Asian travels, this eSIM covers multiple countries at prices ranging from RM 31.59 or $6.71 to RM 121.30 or $25.76, with 3 to 15 days of validity. Skip the queues and activate your plan through email.

Stay seamlessly connected throughout your journey in Malaysia and beyond!

Final Thoughts on the Best SIM Card in Malaysia for Internet 

In conclusion, ensuring seamless connectivity is essential for exploring Kuala Lumpur and beyond, and a well-chosen Malaysia SIM card plays a crucial role in this regard. Getting a local e-sim card so you can go online first thing when you arrive at your destination is always a good idea. 

The key takeaways from our guide highlight the benefits of having a Malaysia SIM card (or any international sim card), emphasizing the ease of use for local services, affordable data plans, cost savings, and better network coverage, especially in rural areas. Staying connected is not just about convenience; it’s a gateway to making the most of your family trip.

Our top recommendations cater to various needs. Whether you opt for a physical SIM or the digital convenience of an eSIM, making an informed decision ensures a seamless and enjoyable journey. So, before embarking on your Malaysian adventure, consider your family’s needs and preferences to choose the perfect SIM card. This ensures you stay connected and make the best of your time in this vibrant destination.

Safe travels!

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