Best Carry-On Luggage for Kids in 2024

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Wondering what’s the best carry-on luggage for kids? We’ve got you covered with 15 top picks in this blog.

Traveling, in general, is exciting and fun. However, packing for a family trip might get stressful, especially for parents with younger kids. 

Perhaps the most challenging part is when you want to bring all the essentials you need to ensure everyone will have a great family vacation, but at the same time, you also don’t want to overpack. 

Getting a cute and light child suitcase designed specifically for your little travel buddies can make family travels smoother and might encourage the kids to be independent as they grow older. But with lots of options in the market, we understand that finding the most suitable suitcase might get a little overwhelming. 

To help you find the best carry-on luggage for kids, we’ve picked the 15 best carry-on luggage for kids that are not only durable and functional but also have fun prints and designs and are just in the right size.

Ride on kids carry on luggage

15 Best Travel Luggage for Kids

From classic travel luggage for kids to innovative ride-on suitcases, you’ll find something that will match your kid’s style and (your) needs.

1. Stokke Jet Kids Bed Box

The Stokke Jet Kids Bed Box is the perfect suitcase for kids that love pastel colors.

But more than the color options, this premium ride-on suitcase is compact (can fit under the airplane seat – depending on the plane type) yet has enough space for your child’s travel essentials. Whether it’s their favorite books, snacks, or an extra set of clothes, the suitcase can hold them effortlessly, making it the best carry-on bag for traveling with toddlers in our opinion.

We own this suitcase, and beyond being a spacious carry-on suitcase, one of our favorite features is that it can turn an economy seat into a first-class experience in a few easy steps. The kids will be impressed when they discover how their carry-on luggage can turn into a comfortable leg rest. And, as parents, we can sit back and relax, too, knowing that our daughter is resting comfortably.

Jet Kids Bed Box is light and durable enough so even young children can pull their own suitcases. On the other hand, the swivel wheels in front, designed for a unique maneuver, let the kids enjoy a playful ride while waiting for the flight. When they’re done pulling their own luggage, simply attach the shoulder strap so you can carry it for them.

Click here to learn more about this hard shell, rolling suitcase for little travelers.

2. Trunki Kids Ride-On Suitcase

Now, for the ride-on suitcase that requires some legwork for it to move and glide. Trunki Kid’s Ride-On Suitcase looks like a usual ride-on toy on the outside but is actually a fully functional suitcase on the inside that can hold some clothes and toys for a fulfilling vacation. 

But what if the kids get tired of riding and dragging the suitcase? No worries, it has a multi-functional strap that allows parents to tow tired toddlers or conveniently carry the suitcase over the shoulder when rushing to check-in gates. 

All in all, Trunki Kids Ride-On Suitcase is a perfect travel buddy that could keep the kids entertained during layovers.

3. Wildkin Suitcase

Comes with colorful and playful designs, Wildkin Suitcase is both perfect for school and overnight travel, making it one of the most practical kids luggage with wheels on the market. It can accommodate your kid’s clothes but is lightweight enough for children to handle.

Whether you’re going on a road trip or visiting another country, the spacious interior and the multiple pockets can store more than the necessities. Your kids will always have easy access to their pajamas and have plenty of space for their favorite toys and teddy bears they could not sleep without. 

Not only that the Wildkins Suitcase is made with 100% polyester with moisture resistance to ensure that your child’s essentials will be safe and dry, but it also has a strong frame that can withstand bumpy roads and airline travels.


Does your kid adore Elsa, Anna, Mickey, Minnie, and everything Disney? 

American Tourister has the best travel luggage for toddlers and children who love iconic princesses and other Disney characters in famous Disney movies. Because their favorite characters are brightly printed on the carry-on, this suitcase for kids can magically put the little ones in the mood to prepare their things for a weekend trip.

Not too heavy, easy to maneuver in the airport, and ample space to hold clothes and some toys, this luggage is stylish and convenient, making it one of the best luggage for your child’s first plane ride.

5. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

The best children rolling luggage should be functional and, of course, easy to roll – that’s something the Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage wants to deliver. 

On top of the whimsical designs that will surely catch your kid’s attention, the luggage is made with a sturdy frame and reliable polyester exterior that could stand a weekly overnight stay in grandma’s house or can be a cutesy travel buddy for short plane trips. It’ll be such a reward to see your kids’ proud faces as they roll their luggage on their own, feeling like grown-ups will be such a reward.

6. Heys Travel Tots Owl Kid’s Luggage

Instead of buying separately, you can save some bucks with pieces that come in sets. It’s even a great deal when both pieces do the job well. If that’s what you’re looking for, Hey Travel Tots Owl Kid’s Luggage is another ideal suitcase for toddlers, but it can also be great for children over five. 

Starting with its adorable owl design, your kids will surely get lots of compliments with this carry-on set. The backpack included in the set is smaller than a school-sized backpack but still adds convenience in holding snacks and water bottles. On the other hand,  this carry-on luggage for kids

can perfectly fit under the airplane seat but still has enough room for clothes and is easy to maneuver, making it an accessible travel companion. 

But because of the shape of the carry-on, some things, like coloring books, might be harder to fit.

7. Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Hardside Spinner Luggage

Kids who love to hear and read fables would be the happiest to have Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Hardside Spinner Luggage. Comes with various animal designs and shapes, this spinner luggage looks cute and fun and is also made with a polycarbonate lightweight hard side shell that could withstand the test of a very playful little owner. 

Light and easy to roll, this suitcase is perfect for a short weekend trip that doesn’t require too many sets of clothes. It can fit a fleece blanket, snacks, stuffed toys, and three to four sets of clothing without overloading the bag.

8. HONEY JOY 2 Pcs Kids Carry On Luggage

Honey Joy 2 Pcs Kids Carry-On Luggage for kids is great for short weekend trips but can also be a reliable travel buddy for out-of-the-country getaways and perfect for little kids who love anything related to the solar system or cute monster prints and some pink flamingoes, as they offer an array of colorful, playful, and relatable designs.

The heavy-duty set includes a 12” toddler backpack that can hold your kid’s stuffed toy, favorite book, drinking bottle, an extra shirt, and a small towel, just in case. Another inclusion is the 16” suitcase with a telescopic handle that has three adjustable levels and fully functional wheels that can easily be moved around by little kids. The compartment of the suitcase is equipped with zippers to keep the things intact.

9. KIDDIETOTES 3-D Hardshell Ride On Suitcase Scooter

Travel suitcase that does more than hold clothes and essentials: it turns into a scooter whenever the kids want to ride and glide. Kiddietotes 3-D Hardshell On Suitcase Scooter is an exciting luggage for ten year old – the age of fun and adventure. 

Although there are other sturdy options, the fun concept is just irresistible. More than the fun part, having a scooter function can allow those tired little legs to scoot and roll around the airport after hours of an airplane ride.

10. N-A AO WEI LA OW Kids ride-on Suitcase

What about riding your suitcase before riding the plane? N-A AO WEI LA OW Kid’s ride-on suitcase will save your little ones a few steps of walking around the airport by just riding their carry-on. Young kids can just sit and let mom or dad pull the ride-on luggage.

Although kids seem to have unlimited energy, walking might bore them at some point. To lighten the trip, an innovative ride-on suitcase might do the trick while still doing the job of a suitcase in keeping your essentials safe and dry.


It’s impossible not to notice the prints and colors that look neat and precise. 

Looking closely, you’ll know that the State Mini Logan Suitcase suitcase was thoughtfully designed with traveling families in mind because the pockets, side straps, and interior were created to help you travel easily and in style. One compartment is equipped with an elastic strap to keep things in place, and the other with zippered flap closure and an interior mesh pocket. And it also comes with a separate mesh pocket for dirty clothes.

But what’s more commendable about the suitcase is its interior lining made with recycled water bottles and the fact that 45% of this bag is made from recycled materials. Explaining the process and importance of recycling to your kids might deepen their commitment to having a more eco-friendly approach in life.

12. Pottery Barn Kids Glow-in-the-Dark Spinner Luggage

A suitcase that is functional and glows in the dark couldn’t be more interesting for growing kids. Making the Pottery Barn Kids Glow-in-the-Dark Spinner luggage one of the best suitcases for 10 year olds as it’ll not only hold their clothes and other stuff but can also tickle their imagination with its unique glow-in-the-dark prints that need some “charging.” 

Created specifically for families on the go, each bag is made of water-resistant polyester crafted from recycled bottles. Another eco-conscious brand that tries to repurpose waste before it gets to the landfill. It also features kid-friendly handles, smooth-rolling wheels, and easy-access interiors made with an eco-friendly, chlorine-free vinyl material called PEVA to stand even the heaviest travels.

The glow-in-the-dark collection comes with cute designs, but personalization is available at an additional charge.

13. Costway Two-Piece Kids’ Luggage Set

Most parents love cute deals that are practical. Whether it’s a marketing trick or not, most of us are attracted to the idea of getting two pieces for the price of one. 

With Costway Two-Piece Kids’ Luggage Set, you’ll get a 16” Trolley Suitcase built with 360-degree spinner wheels and a telescopic handle that is ergonomically designed to make the trip more convenient, and a 12” backpack built with straps making it easy to carry.

The trolley suitcase makes the best carry on luggage for toddler as it can fit sets of clothes enough for a weekend getaway, while the backpack can hold a mini tablet, headphones, some toys, and books to keep the little one busy, and a tiny blanket for younger children.

14. Crckt Kids’ Softside Carry-On Suitcase

On the outside, the Crckt Kids’ Softside Carry-on Suitcase is an organizational dream: complete with a bungee cord to hold your child’s favorite stuffed animal, multiple zip pockets for small items, and front mesh and side mesh pockets to hold drinking tumblers. 

A mix of functionality and style, this suit case for kids features a fully lined main compartment for travel items such as clothes, toys, and other things that can keep small children and older children busy while traveling.

From dinosaurs, sweet donuts, unicorns, and floral and space art prints, Crckt Kids’ Softside Carry-on Suitcase comes in various fun designs and prints that can spark your child’s interest. It could be challenging to choose, though, especially if there are bonus little plushies that add life to the whole design.

15. Mima Ovi Oval Trolley Suitcase

The Mima Ovi Oval Trolley Suitcase dares to be different in color options and design. Far from other suitcases for kids, this oval trolley luggage only comes in black, silver, white, and rust; so this one is better suited for older kids.

Mima’s oval trolley maintains its sleek and classic design that aligns with the brand’s elegant collection. It may not appeal to kids that like all things colorful, but parents who find monochromatic designs relaxing and pleasing to the eyes may find this ideal.

Aside from the aesthetic that helps set the tone of your journey, the Mima Ovi Oval Trolley Suitcase is covered with easy-to-clean faux leather, has plenty of room to hold your kid’s travel essentials, and is equipped with a convenient telescopic handle, and two smooth wheels that help the kids move easily.

Allowing Your Kids to Choose

The best carry-on luggage for kids are the ones that spark joy in their little hearts. It’s important to guide the kids on what’s practical and functional but make them feel that their opinions are valued and their preferences are considered. 

Who knows? Finding the best kids luggage together might improve your bond, as it’s a great way to encourage them to express what they want. Involving kids in some tasks and teaching them to be mindful of their things will help them grow as responsible adult travelers.

For more buying guides featuring the best luggage options, visit LuggageRate.

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