Let’s Talk About Money! – Our Bank Negara Malaysia Museum Review

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Little girl in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Looking for a free museum to visit in Kuala Lumpur with your family? Bank Negara Malaysia Museum is a free museum and art gallery in one, so it’s perfect for visitors with a shared interest in the local economy and art. 

Our recent experience in the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum led us to a trail of discovery about Malaysia’s economy and finance. 

Join us as we unravel the history of coins, banknotes, and currencies in Malaysia and share our eye-opening experience at BNM MAG.

Introduction to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Let’s start with an introduction to the museum, so you know what to expect of your visit. 

The Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art gallery consists of six permanent galleries and various exhibitions spread across four floors of the building. They showcase various themes in all galleries, which are the Children’s Gallery (the most interactive one), Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Economics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Numismatics Gallery and Art Gallery.

Inside the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

On the ground floor is the Children’s Gallery, where you’ll find many interactive games and hands-on activities for kids. Children can roam around and, in a playful way, learn everything they need to learn about money, from knowing what money is, what it’s made of, and they can even get their own money from an ATM! 

Little girl at an ATM in Children's Gallery of Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

But it’s not only children who have fun here, the Children’s Gallery can be as fun for adults as it is for kids. We were equally enthusiastic from the moment we entered the exhibition through the RM1 Million Tunnel. The walls of the tunnel displayed the various Malaysian banknote denominations and series.

A little girl inside the RM1 Million Tunnel of Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

What else is on the ground floor? There’s the Museum Shop if you’re looking for unique gifts and keepsakes, and the Museum Cafe if you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite.

On the first floor, you’ll find the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, which is focused on showing the role and responsibilities of the Central Bank of Malaysia. The two main attractions are the Investment Game and the Governor’s Room.

Little girl sitting inside the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery

On the same floor is the Islamic Finance Gallery, home to the Interactive Globe and infographics showing the Early Civilization Islamic Trade Route and how this concept spread and influenced the world.

Infographics at the Islamic Finance Gallery of Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

At the economics gallery you can discover Malaysia’s current economic state and how economic policies have affected its development over the years. The Economics Gallery includes Instagrammable visual displays such as the Economic Express Exhibit and Giant Newspaper Cuttings.

Interactive display at The Economics Gallery in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Numismatics Gallery is located on the second floor, along with the Temporary Gallery, which features rotating exhibits. The Numismatics Gallery is a real treat for numismatists or coin collectors. 

This gallery will tell you about the early history of money, including a fantastic display of coins and currencies in different shapes and sizes. You can play the Barter Trade game, see the River of Coins, and admire their display of World Banknotes.

Display of world banknotes in Numismatics Gallery in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

If you want to see some art that is not related to finance or economics, the Temporary Gallery on the second floor and Art Gallery on the third floor house the Bank’s impressive art collection. The collection includes paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures from renowned Southeast Asian artists like Mohd Hoessein Enas, Yong Mun Sen, Chuah Thean Teng, and more.

Important: The Art Gallery is temporarily closed from 30 January 2024 until further notice due to upgrade works. Stay tuned for when they will open again on their website here.

Where is the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum located?

The Bank Negara Malaysia Museum is in the Sasana Kijang building at Jalan Dato’ Onn Street. It is located north of Merdeka Square and west of the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower.

Address: Sasana Kijang, 2, Jalan Dato Onn, Kuala Lumpur, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What are the opening hours of Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Their operation hours are from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, from Tuesdays to Sundays. The museum is closed on Mondays and on the first three days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

How much is the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum ticket price? 

Admission to the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum is FREE

However, you can’t bring bags inside the museum. You can leave your belongings inside a big box beside the reception counter, which everyone else has access to, or pay an RM10 deposit for a locker to secure your things. The deposit will be returned to you upon departure.

Lockers at Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Our Bank Negara Malaysia Museum Review

We had a great time at the museum when we finally visited. We heard a lot of positive feedback and we were not disappointed. 

We parked our car in the basement parking and made our way up to the lobby by elevator. The lobby is huge, but we were welcomed by a friendly staff member and asked to complete the registration form. 

Once submitted, we could proceed to the information counter where we paid the deposit for the locker. No bags were allowed inside, not even small ones, so we just took our phones and stored the rest away in a locker. 

We started with the Numismatics Gallery on the second floor and made our way down to the Children’s Gallery. All of us found the Numismatics gallery super interesting, especially to see how money evolved through time. 

sample banknote in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

There’s also a large collection of special edition coins, from anniversary coins to coins that commemorate special events such as the 29th SEA Games. 

Special edition coins in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Aside from old coins and information about money’s history, there were a few interactive sections as well, which were ideal to keep our daughter entertained while we enjoyed the exhibition.

interactive display in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

As the art gallery was temporarily closed, we continued our visit on the first floor at the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery.

Inside the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery

This gallery also had a lot of interactive elements, both for adults and for kids. We learned about the most famous vaults in the world and about the transition from physical money to the introduction of credit cards and bank cards.

an interactive display at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Another interesting Gallery is the Islamic Finance Gallery, filled with interactive games, videos and infographics. Do you know how to finance your pension?

interactive infographic at Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

When we visited, the temporary gallery was about fintech. Super interesting to see the timeline and be reminded of when the credit card was introduced, when the first crypto currency was launched and more.

Fintech gallery display in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

But the highlight of our visit definitely was the children’s gallery. When we arrived at the museum, our daughter was given an “ATM card” which she could use in the Children’s Gallery. So, when we finally finished on the upper floors, she was super excited to finally use it. 

We entered the kid’s section through a vault door and had to walk through a money tunnel. The walls consisted of a lot of Ringgit notes.

money tunnel with Ringgit notes on wall in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

There are a lot of interactive games, but our favorite was the ATM, where the aforementioned ATM card was needed. She inserted hers and, entered her PIN code, and selected the amount of money to withdraw.

ATM card, withdrawal slip and banknotes from Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

We had a great time at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery!

Is Bank Negara Malaysia Museum worth visiting? 

Yes, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum is a must-visit for tourists, families, and people interested in finance and economics. It’s an excellent place for kids to start learning about the history and value of money and the interactive children’s gallery was a great experience.

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